S*x Education in Schools

I’ve been asked to comment on the current controversy.  BTW, I’ve put an asterix in the title, so that your spam filters don’t block me.

I like a lot what Bob McCoskrie over at Family First has been saying about it in this article in The Herald.

Personally, this issue is just one of many reasons why we decided to Home School.  I believe that the State has got this matter entirely wrong.  Teaching the mechanics devoid of the values can only lead to an increase, not a decrease of harmful pre-marital encounters.  I agree that it is not the State’s role to teach values.  They usually get that wrong.  Therefore, they shouldn’t be teaching this subject at all.  For parents who are incapable of conversing with their own children, then the Church should fill that gap.  To that end, various groups (of which I belong to one) have devised Relationship Courses to teach this subject within the boundaries of the Bible.

Our older children have been taught, not just abstinence before marriage, but the Sliding Scale of Touch:

  • Holding hands
  • Embracing
  • Cuddling
  • Kissing


  • Prolonged Kissing
  • Petting
  • Heavy/Mutual Petting
  • Full intercourse

(For the full list, sign up for our relationships course: Good Mates and Hooking Up.)


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