Manifest Conference 2011 Sessions 5 & 6

Venue Harbourside Church, Takapuna, Auckland
Senior Pastor Martin Steel

Tuesday 23 August

Praise & Worship With special guest, Kim Walker-Smith
Promo Christchurch Churches (post-quake)
Session 5 Danny Silk @ 7:30pm
Dare to Dream
Synopsis 5 God wants you to dream.
He wants to bless you.
He can’t bless you, if you don’t ask.
Write down 100 dreams.
Tick them off.
Make some ministry and some personal.

Wednesday 24 August

Session 6 Bill Johnson @ 11:00am
Hebrews 1
Synopsis 6 Judges 6 – The Spirit of God put on Gideon (like a glove).

The Old Testament

  • The whole focus was on avoiding sinful things and people
  • Because if you touched it, you became unclean.

The New Testament

  • Reversed everything
  • It is Righteousness which contaminates

Hebrews 1

  • God used to talk to our fathers through the prophets
  • But today He speaks through His Son.
  • Jesus is both the messenger and the message

Luke 16:16

  • The Law and the Prophets were until John the Baptist
  • The had a life-span that was perfect for their season, but imperfect for this season.

Luke 9

  • Arguing over who was the greatest (apostle, after Jesus)
  • Criticized those not in their exclusive club
  • Samaria – offered to fry a city.  Realised they could do it. 
  • Completely misconstrued Jesus was bringing in a new standard, not Elijah’s standard.

There is a difference between my destiny and my assignment:

  • My destiny is heaven
  • My assignment is to bring heaven to Earth.

What’s the problem?

  • The church is the body.  Jesus is the head.  The body should be attractive to the nations.
  • We have a habit of answering questions the world is not asking.
  • We console ourselves that we are answering questions they should be asking (about eternity).
  • This is not wrong, but it creates in them an insulation towards truth.
  • If we answer their immediate question, (meet their felt need), we earn the right to answer their greater questions.

Mark 10:23

  • Trusting in riches will mess you up
  • If you leave it (for my sake), I’ll give you back 100 times (in this life)
  • But like Moses throwing down the rod and turning it into a snake, then picking it up by the tail:
  • As long as you hold it (rod, snake, money) My way (by the tail, the most dangerous way, depended on me), I’ll bless you.



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