Lord Monckton Coming to Wellington

Wellington- Friday 5th August 

Lecture: Lord Christopher Monckton

venue: Te Puni Kokiri, 143 Lambton Quay Wellington

time: 12.30pm

cost:: $20

hosted by: Public Relations Institute of NZ

Message from Terry Dunleavyof the NZClimate Science Coalition:

Kia ora all,

This (see message above) will be a great opportunity to put some balance into the recent spate of one-sided propaganda about alleged human causation of “global warming” (brrrr! – could do with some of it these past few days!).
First of all let’s give Christopher his full title, he is Viscount Monckton, something a little higher on the peerage scale that life peers, etc.  He is probably the world’s most aristocratic climate skeptic – but more than that he is one of the world’s most articulate exponents of the real science of natural climate change and the need by the world’s people, animals and plants, for the life-giving carbon dioxide that is labelled by ignoramuses as a pollutant. He has a brilliant analytical mind, no wonder he was selected at a young age by Margaret Thatcher as one of her key advisers.

I commend a look at these YouTube presentations of Monckton’s Sydney address earlier this week (if you’re pressed for time, I recommend Part 2):

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYxFsDXaOCc

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnVt3S0SP9k&feature=related

Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay4JYw8VvUw&NR=1

3 thoughts on “Lord Monckton Coming to Wellington”

  1. It is a great shame that PRNIZ applied Chatham House Rules to their hosting of Lord Christopher Monkton`s speech yesterday, as that means I cannot provide you a link to a video of the event, or write about what went on inside.

    I think it is safe just to state the talk was even more interesting and revealing as it was not about the miss representation of climate data by the IPPC, Al Gore, and Bilderburg Club financial supremacist leaders, but rather it was as billed about the problem of communicating this message …..

    I can say no more – not in the interest of free speech, but out of respect to PRNIZ whom did a first class job at organizing and hosting the event.

    There is no surprise that Lord Monkton`s talk was sold out, as he is a very popular speaker and his felicity, accuracy, and humor shone out like a beacon of inspiration in Wellington. There were plenty of attendants that did not agree, or were unaware of his views and whom were able to learn about the art of communication from him. If you did not go, you missed out.

    Afterwards I did privately spend sometime talking to a local Wellington Climate Scientist – whom I will not name – however he seemed stunned and spell bound, and although he clearly had not had time to changed his opinion he was nevertheless confounded and totally unable to argue his case. He was like an emperor with no clothes on and wished to quickly run and find some new apparel with which to cover himself.

    On reflection, and what ever ones view about Green Issues and ECT TAX, there can be no doubt that the strengthening fist of an authoritarian Big Brother from abroad has already reached out and squeezed many of those in authority that we respect and expect to be standing up as fearless free New Zealanders.


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