Manifest Presence 09 Conference – Session 5

Manifest Presence 09 Conference

  • Harbourside Church
  • Declaring the Kingdom
  • 25 August 2009
  • Bill Johnson

Session 5

A pastor goes to visit his parish…

He’s visiting various homes, but at one nobody comes to the door, although he’s sure somebody is home.  So, he leaves a card under the door on which he writes “Revelation 3:20”.

The next Sunday, he’s excited to receive back the same card, but added to it was “Genesis 3:10.”

Quickly returning back to his study, he looks up the second reference.

“Rev 3:20 – Jesus speaking ‘Behold, I stand at the door and knock.  If you open the door, I will come in and sup with you.’”

“Gen 3:10 – I heard your voice in the garden but I was afraid because I was naked!”

Our ability

  • (to achieve great things for Him)
  • depends upon our ability to (a) recognize and (b) yield to His voice.

True spiritual feeding

  • is when your inner man gets it before your mind.
  • If your mind gets it first, then it’s a small idea.


  • He’s basically trying to get people stop being bound up with everything else other than recognizing and yielding.
  • The problem with this approach (discussion amongst ourselves) is that real life doesn’t allow non-ministry people to have effective quiet times.

James says

  • Bill is a typical Pentecostal in elevating (pastoral) authority.  But I’m not 100% comfortable with his definition of True Spiritual Feeding.
  • If I can’t understand it, it could be error.
  • I am responsible for being priest for my family. 
  • I am just as capable of reading the Bible as the next man.
  • I recognize his greater calling is validated by the healings his ministry facilitates.

For example

  • The breakthrough of leadership is necessary for the on-going breakthrough for the body.
  • “Bring it to our nation, through our leaders.”

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