Manifest Presence 09 Conference – Session 3

Manifest Presence 09 Conference

  • Harbourside Church
  • Declaring the Kingdom
  • 24 August 2009
  • Martin Steel

Session 3


The Kingdom of Heaven

  • is not the after life
  • is the establishing of the lordship of Jesus Christ on Earth

Comes out of

  • Relationship with God
  • From subject, elevated to Son-ship

We don’t use our Will to overcome Will

  • 1st Samuel chapter 6
  • The Ark of God’s Presence is returned to the people of Israel
  • The cows pulling the cart carrying the Ark, went against their natures (to wean their young) to obey the will of God (to return the Ark to Israel).
  • It’s God presence which helps us to overcome our nature (our own will).

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