Sunday Sermon at St Andrews


  • Sunday 22 January 2010
  • St Andrews Presbyterian Church
  • Te Puke


  • Welcome and songs (Lord I Lift Your Name on High)
  • Children’s Lesson and song (This Little Light of Mine)
  • Offering & Song (Lord I Lift Your Name on High)
  • Testimony & Song (Shine Jesus Shine, All Heaven Declares, Salvation Belong to Our God)
  • Prayer for others


  • Luke 13:1-17
  • Being Christians in a Crisis Event


  • Joni Erickson Tada
  • Showed promise as a diver
  • Broke her neck
  • But as a Christian has overcome difficulties to become a much sought-after speaker
  • “Becoming more than conquerors”


  • How to Respond in a Crises Event
  • Rev. Bruce Hellyer (Ret.)

How to Respond in a Crises Event

  • Being chaplains or pastors to those in need
  • Not offended by man’s conventions (Luke 13.14)
  • Being led by the Spirit-Come Holy Spirit (Romans 8.37)
  • Being over-comers (like Joni)

Seven Suggested Steps in a Crisis

  1. Holy Spirit Come (prepare yourself)
  2. Meet physical and practical needs
  3. Listen (to their story)
  4. Normalize (normal reactions, etc.)
  5. What would Jesus do? (share faith)
  6. Prayer-(ask if you may pray)
  7. Refer (hospital, family, pastor, etc.)


  • The Rev. was faced with a woman, desiring help, facing a pregnancy alone.
  • Was able to lead her in a prayer of rededication.
  • Was not able to convince her to keep the babies (twins).

Christian disciples at work -prayer for others

  • Go into the world in peace, as you seek so follow and serve Him
  • Song (Here I am Lord)
  • Benediction and cuppa

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