Manifest Presence 09 Conference – Session 2

Manifest Presence 09 Conference

  • Harbourside Church
  • Declaring the Kingdom
  • 24 August 2009
  • Bill Johnson

Session 2

  • One of the biggest problems of boredom in the church occurs because we continuously pray for what we already have.
  • If we do this, we cannot rejoice when it comes, because it’s already here.
  • Answered prayer is meant to be the key to continuous ongoing experience in joy.

For example

  • “Lord, be with us today.”
  • Is it harmless or powerless?
  • Relationship or religion?

The Lord will do sovereign acts

  • (e.g. miraculous healings, multiply food)
  • in order to reveal himself
  • He’s trying to bring us into partnership with His Spirit
  • so that we can do those things also
  • in order to multiple the effect
  • in order to set more people free

We pray for things we already possess

  • “Rend the heavens and let rain come down”
  • Meaning we want the blessing of God to fall all over our city
  • In order to convert others
  • This is asking God to do what he has already given us to do in seed form.

Matt 11:10

  • The Spirit descending like a dove
  • Through a torn heaven
  • Therefore we already live under an open heaven.

“None of me, all of you”

  • This is false humility
  • God had none of you before and didn’t like it
  • That’s why He made you
  • He values you
  • We wants all of you, covered with all of Him

Hosea 3:5

  • “They shall fear the Lord and His goodness, in the latter days.”
  • It’s easy to convert people when they face great difficulties.
  • But he (Bill) believes a day is coming when people will be converted through the manifest blessings in the lives of God’s people.
  • It’s the goodness of God which changed the face of Moses.
  • It will be the goodness of God which will change the face of His Church.

The example of the Apostles

  • Acts 3: healed the cripple, faced persecution because of it
  • Acts 4: imprisoned, set free, prayed for more boldness
  • It was the boldness which attracted the Holy Spirit to authenticate the apostles preaching with miraculous signs.

We have access to unlimited strength

  • The Devil doesn’t
  • The great thing about demons is, they’re not making them anymore.

Whatever you become aware of, you can broker.

  • The Devil doesn’t want you to live as if you understand you are living under an open heaven.
  • The Holy Spirit is in every believer; He’s not upon every believer.
  • If you imagine the dove is upon your shoulder, how do you walk down a flight of stairs without frightening off that dove?
  • You walk, aware of that dove.
  • So, your walk in life should constantly be aware of the spirit of God upon you.
  • Our aim is to host that presence continuously.

Apostle Paul says

  • “You are restricted by your affections.”
  • Learn to tap into Godly affection.
  • Look to where your heart is drawn.
  • Then your anointing will be released (towards where your affection lies).

The depressed Christian

  • Looks inside and finds nothing good.
  • (My) real concern is me.

From servant to friend

  • From legal to love
  • From workers to lovers
  • From doing the bare minimum, to doing what moves Him (my friend)
  • Friends have insights to the inner working of their friend.

Matt 10

  • If you cultivate the presence, then miracles can just happen, without great prayers for healing.
  • But, don’t prostitute his presence for personal gain.
  • That measure of openness over every believer can increase through cultivating his presence.
  • E.g. 83 people healed of deafness.
  • Verse 8: “heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast off devils.”
  • Verse 12: “When you go into a household, greet it. Let your peace remain on the house.”
  • How?
    • Peace in the world is the absence of noise, conflict, war.
    • Peace in the kingdom is the presence of a Person.
    • “And the Prince of Peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.”
    • It’s a military move against the power of darkness.
    • The affirming, encouraging, encompassing presence to those in the kingdom.
    • It’s this two edged sword that (a) heals and (b) destroys at the same time.
  • Shalom means
    • Sound mind
    • Divine health
    • Prosperity
  • Release that into the atmosphere.

The passage about Noah and the dove

  • is establishing the context that the Holy Spirit is constantly looking for places to rest
  • not out of weariness, but out of desire to establish dominion
  • the dove returning, is an illustration of the peace returning to the Christian, from a house that isn’t ready to accept the peace

Honour is

  • how you access what another person carries in the Spirit
  • recognizes that God is working through that person

The call of the Christian life

  • Learn to recognize the presence and release it over others
  • Whatever moves me will move Him.


  • Should be done out of faith
  • But, it doesn’t take any faith to see the human condition and prophecy disaster
  • Don’t prophecy anything that you aren’t willing to believe God for

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