Latino Fire – The Final

Sergio Scataglini

  • Wellington Elim Church
  • Sunday 17 October 2010 @ 6:30pm

The Fire of His Holiness

  • “I am on borrowed holiness.  My own holiness didn’t work.”
  • Just as I can’t get myself saved, so I also can’t make myself holy.
  • We must rely on His Holiness.

K athy Scataglini

  • “I want to recover my first love.”  Where’s that passion, excitement I had when I first got saved?
  • How to get past being a frustrated Christian:
    1. Reread the Great Commission.  “All authority in Heaven and on Earth is given; therefore go…”. 
    2. I Chronicles 20: David, after taking out Goliath, kept being harassed by the Philistines.  But his nephew took out the next giant.  You can change your family history, your nation’s history, your racial beliefs.  The first time you take down a giant, the rest will fall into place.  (The won’t go away, but they will be manageable.)  After you take down the first giant, you will be so excited, you will never be bored again.
    3. My new life slogan: “Go show them what Jesus can do.”
    4. Is the Jesus that you know, Good News to anybody’s life?

From Personal Anointing to National Revival

  • Fulfilling a 400-year old prophecy: “This will be the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit”
  • 1 Kings 17: Elijah prophesises a drought, then runs for his life.  We you begin to release the Word of God in your generation, not everything will necessarily become smooth after that.  When you are growing in authority in the Word of God, you have to grow in boldness.
  • Elijah was fed by the ravens.  Things were becoming unconventional.  God can be unconventional, when He chooses.
  • Elijah did not have delayed obedience.
  • The Bad News is: sometimes we enjoy so much our previous obedience, until the Brook dries up.
  1. Be willing to change again. 

    • Don’t say “Coming,” but then delay your obedience to the point of forgetting about it.  Change is coming.  A season of multiplication. 

    • Like a surfer, there’s a moment of action, where analysing the wave, you will miss it. 

    • God is sometimes unconventional.  When Carlos Anacondia came to La Plata, they were not used to tent crusades.  But they changed.

  2. Understand the meaning of your suffering.

    • Elijah had to go to a widow for provision, after the brook dried up.  Elijah went from ministry of 0 to 2, with one suicidal!  Take encouragement, small group leaders!

    • After the miracle of provision, the son died.  The widow blamed Elijah.  Elijah prayed, then resurrected that kid.  This woman now became a believer.

    • There are some people who will never receive Christ, while things are easy.  But once they’ve been through suffering, then they will say, “Now I know…”

  3. Overcome Intimidation

    • This generation frowns upon Christianity, because we confront sin.

    • God does not call us to tolerance.  He calls us to more than just tolerance.  He calls us to Love.  “I love you too much to tolerate your sin.”

    • There will be people offended.

    • We need to be assertive.  We need to be strong.

    • Elijah didn’t get very many applauses.

    • “God hates repeating himself.” – not a scripture, but a lesson Sergio learned.  Not a bad idea; not necessarily applicable in all circumstances.

    • No more negative faith.

  4. Repair the Altar of God which is in Ruins

    • We need challengers.

    • Elijah challenged the priests of Baal (the occult).

    • Elijah got to a point in his life, where he didn’t have a plan B. 

  5. Pray Kingdom Prayers

    • Not personal prayers; not “me-first” prayers;

    • Elijah prayed; fire came down; all the people turned to God, away from Baal (the occult).

    • If it could happen in the time of Elijah, it could happen in this age of Grace.  Can a city change in a day?  Yes, it did and it can.


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