METTLE Monthly Newsletter Volume 5 Issue 2


Volume 5 Issue 2

February 2010

Hippolite Musings 


I’ve got a lot to share.  Let me start.

On January 1st, my family was invited to a BBQ at the home of Moira.  (Moira was an integral member of Fiona and my Operation Jerusalem beach mission team in Christmas 1994 & 1995 to Foxton Beach Camp.)  At that BBQ, we meet Lai Leng and Tuks Tukua, a couple from Upper Hutt New Life church.  There, they told us of their vision to start a new church in Taita.  Fiona and I wished them well.

Subsequent to that meeting, Fiona and I couldn’t get their vision out of our minds.  When they rang back a few weeks later, we were ready and prepared to assist with evangelistic outreaches to help them launch their new church.  Up to this point, I have fully disclosed and discussed this with my pastoral leadership at my home church.

Well, guess what?  Our involvement has escalated to the point where now we are recognized as part of Team Taita, the leadership team for Align Church in Taita.  Let me be clear:

  • While recognized as leaders in our home church, one does not get credentialed as Pastor in our denomination until/unless you are pasturing in one of our churches;
  • Hence, we are still not “pastors”;
  • Hence, we are “Elim Missionaries to Taita”;
  • Align Church are happy to use us (initially) to head up children and family ministries;
  • Fiona and I have experience in marriage counselling and running parenting courses, so feel that is one area we can assist in;
  • Running Sunday School is temporary, until we raise up leaders to follow us;
  • Fiona has a passion to see a community church reach out to the community with relevant and practical programmes, with a healthy balance of social and scriptural gospel;
  • James has a passion to worship God with all his mind, and bring others into alignment with the infallible, inerrant, eternal Word of God.

Next epistle, I’ll let you all know how the launch event went on March 28th.




  • STH AFRICA.  World Outreach is conducting its 3rd and final WO2010 Consultation from March 28-31 in Sth Africa for our personnel serving on the continents of Africa & Europe.  There is high expectation and excitement among those registered to attend. This is a very important gathering for WO which includes making ministry plans and agreeing on new initiatives for 2010 and beyond.  Some wives with school age children unfortunately are not able to attend.  Please cover everyone in prayer. Africa is not an easy place to travel so pray for divine protection, good health, great fellowship and that there is a conscious awareness of an awesome presence of God throughout our time together. Please cover in prayer also the family members who can’t attend.  Thank you. 
  • INDONESIA.  Sam & Carol Soukotta, directors of the World Outreach (WO) sponsored Tawangmangu Bible College in central Java, write:  “This year we are faced with the biggest financial need in the history of the bible college!  The lease which Carol’s parents took out on the land over 40 yrs ago, expires early 2011.  The government has told us that they will take over the property which includes the buildings, if we don’t purchase it for approx. US$372,000, which means we would all have to move out!!  Of course we have surrendered this problem to the Lord, believing He will work things out according to His Will.  We ourselves have no way of obtaining that much money but do believe if we trust in God, He can move upon the hearts of individuals to donate.”  Let us unite our hearts & prayers with the Soukotta’s regarding this financial challenge.
  • TRAVELS. Mary & I are half way into our 6 week travel schedule and would appreciate your ongoing prayers for good health, strength, safety, and wisdom for the many appointments / meetings with people along the way. The next 3 weeks see us in Sth Africa mostly in the Natal and Gauteng provinces.  

– PRAISE! – 

  • THAILAND.  Lorraine Dierck, WO Thailand field leader wrote:  “The church-planting training our Thai teams have been involved in has been continuing, and in the past two months, 60 Thai Buddhists have been baptised and 40 new churches have started. Churches that plant churches – one stream of churches is three generations deep already. The trainers and church-planters are very excited – and are now praying and believing for rapid multiplication!”  Hallelujah! 
  • STH AFRICA.  The 6-week WO Nations cross-cultural training course has been intensive and challenging but very worthwhile for the 34 students who studied it.  One missionary said, “this is definitely the kind of teaching I wish was around when I went into missions many years ago.”  The discussion times have been lively. As participants shared some highlights this week, several with missionary experience said the course had given them helpful insights on why some of their past strategies hadn’t worked as they had hoped.  Before they graduate this Friday the students will be stating how they plan to apply all the insights gained when they go back to their respective fields of ministry.
  • INTERESTING RESEARCH. A friend sent through a exert of a report that appeared in the Readers Digest back in Sept 2002 stating that scientific studies correlating faith with good health are starting to convert a sceptical medical community. Research accumulated in the article demonstrated how scientists have made 5 important discoveries about the relationship between religious faith (of whatever kind) and good health:
    • Those who attend church live longer
    • Believers have a better post-op recovery rate
    • Prayer reduces the chances of heart disease
    • Religion protects against high blood pressure
    • More prayer means less stress & depression

John Elliott
International Director

Koinonia House News


  • China Arming Iran – March 17, 2010

    Recent developments in Iran confirm that China is providing Tehran with critical defense technologies and weapons systems, including some that violate stated Chinese policies aimed at preventing nuclear proliferation. The disclosure of Chinese military aid comes as the Obama administration is trying to persuade Beijing to join other members of the UN Security Council,European Union member states and major non-aligned states such as Brazil to adopt a new set of tough sanctions to punish Iran for its nuclear-arms program.  The Washington Times

  • Bibi’s Son Wins National Bible Quiz – March 17, 2010

    Avner Netanyahu, the 15-year-old son of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, won the prestigious National Bible Quiz for Youth in Kiryat Shmona on Tuesday evening. The prime minister flew in from Jerusalem by helicopter, removing himself from duties of state for a couple of hours to watch and, later, to celebrate his son’s accomplishment. The packed audience observed a smiling, proud father in Kiryat Shmona, as the town celebrated its 60th anniversary. "I didn’t compete to win," a modest Avner said afterwards. "I just did my best, and really enjoyed it." The Jerusalem Post

  • Gilbert Home Church Fights For Religious Freedom – March 16, 2010

    The town that celebrates Constitution Week with much fanfare is now trying to wade its way out of an embarrassing controversy over First Amendment protection on religious freedom. The issue began over a notification sent by town staff to a seven-member local group, all members of the Oasis of Truth Church, to stop meeting at home, citing the town’s land development code, which states: "religious-assembly uses are not permitted in single-family residential structures." The group contacted the Alliance Defense Fund of Scottsdale. Daniel Blomberg, litigation counsel for ADF, described the town’s position as "shocking and unconstitutional." "They were trying to ban any sort of church-sponsored activity of any size and frequency, be it a Bible study or a potluck dinner, just because a church is associated with it," Blomberg said. East Valley Tribune

  • South Africa Focuses on Human Trafficking Ahead of World Cup – March 16, 2010

    South Africa is to fast-track a comprehensive new law against human trafficking before the start of the soccer World Cup, Justice Minister Jeff Radebe said on Tuesday. South Africa hosts the month-long event from June 11 and some child rights groups have warned that trafficking, mainly for sexual exploitation, could rise during the tournament. Reuters

  • Mummy KV55 is Akhenaten’s – March 11, 2010

    The DNA tests that revealed how the famed boy-king Tutankhamun most likely died solved another of ancient Egypt’s enduring mysteries – the fate of controversial Pharaoh Akhenaten’s mummy. The discovery could help fill out the picture of a fascinating era more than 3,300 years ago when Akhenaten embarked on history’s first attempt at monotheism. During his 17-year rule, Akhenaten sought to overturn more than a millennium of Egyptian religion and art to establish the worship of a single sun god. In the end, his bold experiment failed and he was eventually succeeded by his son, the young Tutankhamun, who rolled back his reforms and restored the old religion. – AP

Why I Am A Climate Realist


To all farmers,

The ETS legislation WILL affect you- as of July this year when electricity rises by 5% and fuel prices rise by around 3c/litre. (These rises are capped until the end of 2012 at which time they will go to the open market price which at present is double that)
The legislation will affect you even more in 2015 when agriculture is brought into the scheme.

Do you have any idea what it will cost you?

Do you know how to calculate this?

There appears to be no clear way at this stage to work out a single definite figure of your costs, due to all the variables, eg carbon price, intensity etc but the carbon calculator at will help give you an idea.

Act MP John Boscawen is deeply concerned about the ETS and the impact it will have on New Zealand’s economy.
He would like to present in Parliament a selection of ‘farm impact statements’  from New Zealand farmers who are prepared to stand up and be counted against this legislation.
We are asking you to provide us with the following details:

  • A brief background of your farm- type, size, history (eg family farm for x years)
  • The ETS costs involved for you (as far as you are able to tell- use the carbon calculator above)
  • The impact these costs will have on you, your family, your farming operation
  • The flow-on affects these costs will have to your community, your livestock firms, your trucking companies, your fertiliser companies etc etc.

NOTE: Before John reads something out in Parliament, or tables something that identifies the person, we need their permission for him to do so.
If you are happy for John to identify you in Parliament, please email your farm impact statement to us at as soon as you are able!

John Boscawen would like to read one of these out every day. He will table whatever he is not given the opportunity to read…….


Your help would be very much appreciated. Please circulate this widely among the farming community.

Statements may be emailed to us at

Why I Am A Creationist

“One of the most important Christian books in a generation”

Many people today believe that ‘science’ has all the answers, and more problematically, they equate evolution theory with the same sort of science that provides us the benefits of modern technology. So they wrongly believe that creation theory is ‘anti-science’.

One of the foremost promoters of this idea is the world’s most prominent anticreationist, Professor Richard Dawkins. He is the author of several books, to persuade lay people about Darwinian evolution, that are regarded as classics—and his strongly anti-theistic The God Delusion sold over 1.5 million copies. He explains that his previous books have simply assumed evolution to be true, and he has never before laid out in one work the evidence for it, and for millions of years. In his latest treatise, The Greatest Show on Earth: The evidence for evolution, he attempts to correct his ‘oversight’, and in the process he takes on creationists and advocates of design. This book is already a no.1 seller in many Western countries.


This high priest of evolution must not go unanswered

For many, Dawkins is the ultimate authority on such matters, but his ‘expertise’ stretches beyond science. He equates the teaching of creation with child abuse and has even given credence to the idea that the historicity of The Lord Jesus Christ is myth. Using manipulative tactics he has said that

“… atheism nearly always indicates a healthy independence of mind and, indeed, a healthy mind.”

He is, indeed, an atheist with an agenda, and is even happy to be called by his friends ‘Darwin’s Rottweiler’. Are Christians going to take this lying down?


Who is qualified to ‘take him on’?

Dr Jonathan Sarfati is the author of some of the most powerful creation books in history. His devastating logic and breadth of scientific knowledge was amply demonstrated in his first book Refuting Evolution—the largest-selling creation book of all time. Now Sarfati has released his finest yet—a point-by-point refutation of the very best Dawkin’s has to offer. It’s called The Greatest Hoax on Earth? Refuting Dawkins on Evolution.


History may show that Dawkins has done the church a favour, by waking it out of its complacency on the creation/evolution issue. By focusing the battle right at the foundations, and by putting all the evidence he can muster on display, he has provided a chance for Christians to see via this response that they do not have to keep retreating on this issue, for fear of being seen to contradict ‘the facts of science’. The Greatest Hoax on Earth? meets Dawkins’ The Greatest Show on Earth head-on.


Dr John Sanford, Cornell University professor and inventor of the patented Gene Gun, has read both books and said:

“In my opinion Sarfati’s book beats Dawkins’ book, point by point, on all issues.”

Get your advance copy now! Read it and distribute it widely (bulk prices are available).
$25 Order your copy

Great Scientists Who Believed the Bible

James Simpson (1811-1879)

James Simpson discovered chloroform and laid the foundation for anaesthesiology. He said his motivation to perform the research leading to this discovery was a fascination in the book of Genesis with Adam’s deep sleep during the time in which Eve was fashioned from his side. He said his biggest discovery was finding Jesus Christ as Saviour.

Friday Fax
(UN Watch)

Dear Colleague, 

The Girl Scouts continue to deny charges that they were complicit in the distribution of a vulgar sex guide produced by their long time collaborators Planned Parenthood. We stand by our story. We report today on the Girl Scout’s relationship with Planned Parenthood and also how the World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides participated in the same UN meeting and while there endorsed radical aspects of sexual and reproductive rights. 

Seems to me the Girl Scouts should renounce the sex guide, renounce their association with Planned Parenthood and withdraw from the World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides.

For parents looking for clean alternatives to the Girl Scouts we are told that American Heritage Girls and Little Flower Girls’ Clubs are both quite good and wholesome.

We also report on the final days of the Commission on the Status of Women and how the Obama administration and the European Union played quite dirty in getting their way at the meeting.

Spread the word.

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse

PS OK, Girl Scout cookies are amazing. But if this latest outrage makes you want an alternative to their Thin Mints. Think about THESE.

Girl Scouts Ties with Planned Parenthood Extensive and Long-Standing
By Terrence McKeegan, J.D.

(NEW YORK – C-FAM) The scandal surrounding the Girl Scout’s distribution of an International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) sex guide at the UN Beijing +15 Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) continues to grow. Some Scout mothers in St. Louis intend to ask the St. Louis Girl Scouts to pull out of the national organization.

The Girl Scouts continue to deny they had any involvement in the distribution of the brochure and have offered various responses at different times. They claim they did not “hand out” the brochure, though they were never charged with handing it out. They claim they did not look in the trash or otherwise “sanitize the room” before they used it and say another group could have left it. And they have said the brochure was simply not in the room.   

Annual Women’s Meeting Closes With Delegations Saying No to Abortion
By Samantha Singson

(NEW YORK – C-FAM) Last week, the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) closed its annual session with delegations defining abortion out of a resolution on maternal mortality. Over the course of this year’s two-week commission, United Nations (UN) member states were embroiled in heated negotiations over "reproductive rights" language which some delegations believe would be used to promote abortion.  

Train a Child

In February, my children signed up for:

  • Tane is 3rd year sax and 3rd year tap;
  • Hamish is 1st year guitar (drumming didn’t work out for him) and 2nd year tap;
  • Aimee is 1st year choir (recorder didn’t work out for her) and 1st year tap;

Also, I passed an exam in February:

  • 70-562: Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET Applications


Why I Am Pro-Israel

Dear Friend of Jerusalem,

Here are the latest headlines from the One Jerusalem Blog:

  • Is Israel A Vassal State?:  The Obama administration’s manufactured crisis over permits to build apartments in an established Jewish neighbourhood in Jerusalem appears to have had its desired effect. Reports out of Israel are saying that the Netanyahu government is capitulating to demands by the…
  • PM Netanyahu Reaffirms His Commitment to a United Jerusalem:  During his speech yesterday welcoming the Brazilian President, PM Netanyahu made clear that his position on Jerusalem in no way differs from the Israeli Government’s position of the last 43 years.  Here is an excerpt: No government of Israel for the…
  • AUDIO :: Larry Greenfield of The Reagan Legacy Foundation:  MP3 File Omri interviews Larry Greenfield, Claremont Institute Fellow and Executive Director of The Reagan Legacy Foundation. They discuss Greenfield’s recent missile defense talk at the 7th Annual Jerusalem Conference, the political climate in Israel and within American Jewry,…
  • A Jewish Gem is Restored — Palestinians Plan Riots (Updated):  Today in Jerusalem marks the dedication of the magnificent newly rebuilt Hurva Synagogue in the Old city of Jerusalem.  The Hurva (literally "ruin") was the center of religious study and prayer for the Jews in the Old City for almost…
  • Is the White House Trying To Topple Netanyahu?:  JERUSALEM: Since the announcement of the approval of building permits in Jerusalem, a coordinated campaign to stir controversy between the Obama Administration and Israel has emerged. One Jerusalem has confirmed that Prime Minister Netanyahu was genuinely surprised by the issuance…
  • The Rationale Behind Censorship:  "Moderate" Palestinian Leadership Honours Mass Terrorism as Joe Biden Leaves Town. And the BBC’s Response is? By Robin Sheperd So, let’s just accept that Israel’s handling of the Ramat Shlomo settlements announcement during US vice-president Joe Biden’s recent visit was…

Sincerely, The One Jerusalem Team


Grandma Can’t Read!

On a recent visit, my mother was handed a furiously scribbled page of crooked lines by granddaughter Aubrey.

"Here, Grandma, look what I wrote," Aubrey said proudly.

Grandma peered at the unintelligible lines. "Very nice, Aubrey. What does it say?"

Aubrey shrugged, took the paper, and went to find her mother. "Mommy," she whispered anxiously, "Grandma can’t read!"

—Robert Hostetler, Somerville, Ohio. Christian Reader, "Kids of the Kingdom."

Events Schedule

In this section, I highlight dates, times and venues of events either I am presenting at, or of interest to METTLE.  I’m available for bookings.

Date Event Venue Speaker
19-21 Feb 2010 Creation Ministries Northland Adrian Bates
26-28 Mar 2010 Creation Ministries Waikato Adrian Bates
28-Mar-2010 Align Church launch Taita Community Hall Tuks Tukua
14-16 May 2010 Creation Ministries Porirua Adrian Bates
25-27 Jun 2010 Creation Ministries Bay of Plenty Adrian Bates

Book Review



Too busy; You can send me your book reviews and I’ll publish them here.

Bible Reading 

You can look up for yourselves at:

End Notes

  • METTLE is an acronym for Men’s Evangelical Team Together for Learning Experiences. We are primarily Christian businessmen from Wellington, who meet occasionally in the CBD to encourage each other in our daily walk with Jesus. This Monthly Collaborative Blog (MCB) is our primary means of communication.  If you know of anyone who may benefit from this MCB, you are welcome to forward them along. Similarly, if your circumstances are such that membership in this distribution list is no longer relevant, then hit reply and type UNSUBSCRIBE to have it removed.
  • If you choose to respond to any item raised in this MCB, please indicate clearly which items you wish to remain Private, as any correspondence may be considered Public and could be published.
  • If this newsletter has been of benefit to you, why not drop a line and say so.  Or better yet, visit the TVORNZ website to read past issues and add a comment!
  • Published by The Voice of Reason, New Zealand, copyright © 2010

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