Sunday Morning


  • Hallelujah, You have won the victory
  • Death Could Not Hold Him Down


  • A couple talked about their journey that brought them to their decision to get baptised today
  • Becoming Christians sorted out some problems, but generated new ones
  • While we are all called to be warriors, none of us are called to be worriers
  • I thought, what kind of a God could he be, to let this happen?
  • But then I realised, it wasn’t His fault.
  • Through adversity, they came out stronger in their marriage
  • Happy to have both their parents here today
  • When things go wrong, God will never put anything in your path that you cannot overcome

Communion table

  • he takes broken, and he mends
  • He’s the Master Fixer
  • Most of us can testify to that
  • We come to the table, to focus on you
  • The author and finisher of our faith
  • Isaiah 53: The Suffering Servant
  • There’s healing in the communion

Tithes & Offerings

  • There’s a divine order in the land
  • When Maori rise up as warriors for Christ
  • Then that will release a blessing
  • Poverty says, I’ll only give when I have enough, based on fear.
  • Tithing says, I’ll give regardless, based on faith
  • 2 Corinthians 9:6, whoever sows sparingly will reap sparingly.

Annointed a handkerchief with oil as a symbol of our faith that Jesus will heal the recipient.

  • Given to Red to take home to his sick wife.

Musical interlude

  • A little girl played the guitar and sang “Jesus Loves Me, This I know, for the Bible tells me so.”


  • I see Him seated on the throne
  • Lion of Judah, We’re gonna praise ya!

(Lots of haka, blowing of the shofar, shouts of “Ruah” (Hebrew battle/victory war cry meaning “breath of life”) not to be confused with Ruach which is the Holy Spirit)

Ministry time

  • Many in the kapa haka group have fallen down under the spirit of power

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning”

  1. For more information about Shofar and other Holy Temple instruments.We have three websites1) Shofar Sounders WebPagehttp://shofar221.com2) Joint Effort with Michael Chusid, an expert Shofar sounder and commentatorhttp://www.hearingshofar.com3) Shofar WebPage


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