Saturday Night

Pastor Cornelio

  • We need to embrace the revelation
  • Revelation does not come by understanding
  • Understanding comes by revelation
  • Wanting to understand (while not wrong) first, before obedience limits revelation

Learn how to receive

  • Not as beggars
  • But as sons and daughters of the king
  • When a healing is taking place, don’t try to figure it out: it takes seven years to become a doctor!
  • Just say “yes, Lord; right here, me”
  • There’s a big difference between “mm” (I receive) and “hmm” (I’m not sure about this).
  • This is the way the devil steals
  • The devil is a master at distraction

Sin is incipient death

  • It keeps gnawing at you
  • Roberto Forego – 60 years ago healing ministry
  • Very successful
  • All of a certain was smitten with cancer
  • World’s media had a heyday
  • He still preached, even from his wheel chair
  • “Even if I die, I will never stop preaching that Jesus heals.”
  • His signature was to wave his white handkerchief over the crowd and healing took place in the hundreds
  • Even in his sickness, as a shadow of his former self, he still ministered
  • In the middle of one disease-ridden sermon, he jumps up completely healed.
  • The wife runs after him, “Roberto, sit down”
  • Roberto says, “I’ve been in that chair 7 years, never again!”
  • He was healed because he believed Jesus heals!
  • Even after he lost everything, including reputation, like Job.

If you haven’t opened up your bible by the time you get to church, you’re too late.

Blind Bartimeus, couldn’t see, but could hear and got hope.

  • Don’t let anybody steal your shout
  • Even the disciples said, “he’s just the blind beggar”
  • But Jesus stood still
  • He stands still for us too
  • “Bring him to me”

When Pastor got saved,

  • He didn’t have the snivelling sinner complex. 
  • He was on top of the world. 
  • But he went to “see what it was all about.” 
  • And instantly got healed of all his vices. 
  • And heard an audible voice, “The purpose of your life is to serve me.”
  • Like Bartimeus, Jesus stopped for him.
  • Jesus made Bartimeus declare his need.
  • You’ve got to ask for it.

Doesn’t matter who you are

  • Black, brown, white
  • Male, female
  • Maori, Apache, Caucasian
  • Blind, sited
  • Rich, poor
  • Get over it

The only thing that matters is who: Jesus


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