Saturday Morning

Soulway Family Camp
With Guest Speakers Pastor Cornelio & Deborah
Be Transformed
Pastor John Walton visiting
from the Biblical University of Ashurst!
Mentor and friend
New to Soulway
Amazing woman of God
“Jehovah Sneaky”  He just snuck in!
Summarising last night
Think about having expectation
God will meet you there
Pastor Cornelio had a word for me this morning
“Fuego” = fire
He saw me on fire
Blazing a trail
Cutting through gorse
Climbing a hill
To heaven
Tania & Steve
Owners of the camp
Seek my face; those who seek Me will find Me
This place will be so consumed by His presence that people will be healed
Praise & Worship
Lolly or the Bag?
Who is the pastor of Soulway Church?  Pastor Nick
What kind of motorcycle does Pastor Nick ride?  Harley Davidson
What word is often shouted out at Soulway Church?  Ruah
What is Pastor Cornelio’s name?  Pastor Cornelio!

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