Saturday Afternoon

Pastor Cornelio & Deborah Anne Perez to Pastors Group


  • I’ve had a series of very profound dreams and visions in the last two years
  • The Lord is preparing his church for his coming

May 2008

  • I saw Psalm 24
  • During personal devotion time
  • “What is an end-time weapon of spiritual warfare for us?”
  • Two huge double-doors
  • Weathered, ancient
  • Hands all over the doors.  Representing ethnicity, young and old
  • Trying to push open the ancient doors
  • The doors swung open
  • There was an explosion of light – a chicane
  • It’s time for the ancient doors to be opened that the King of glory may be manifested
  • “My favour” is an end-time weapon of war

December 2008

  • The name of Joseph came very clearly
  • “If you want an example of my end-time favour, look to Genesis Joseph”
  • I’m strategically positioning my sons and daughters in the nations to distribute the wealth
  • It has to do with placement and wisdom
  • “What’s the sign?” – My wisdom
  • Raising people up with resources
  • Who are the Josephs?  People with a heart to help many people.  Not about self.

January 2009

  • A dream about a table of pastors come to learn
  • Half had bibles, half had laptops with bibles (marketplace ministers)
  • She taught them “In Genesis there are revelation keys, and you must search them out.”
  • She woke up from the dream and said “What does it mean?”
  • Alpha-Omega, I am unlocking the mysteries of the scriptures.
  • “I am hiding them, until the last days.”
  • Alpha = Genesis, Omega = Revelation
  • This was confirmed when they were on furlough, when every church was preaching on Revelation (7 churches) or Genesis (Joseph).

The wheat and the tares

  • We’re maturing
  • But so are the tares
  • The sons of iniquity
  • What’s in peoples hearts is being exposed
  • He’s released extreme favour
  • Be encouraged!
  • It’s time to hear from God.
  • The foot-soldiers are looking to the generals.  “What’s the plan?  Where’s the battle?  How are we meant to fight?”
  • It’s time for us to develop intimacy with the Holy Spirit so we can hear directly from Him.

A vision

  • A season, prophecy being fulfilled
  • The parables reference the last days
  • It’s time for people of pray to rise up and pray for prophecy to be fulfilled

John Walton

  • Graham’s been talking about identity
  • Joseph caused prosperity to others
  • We need to hear from God first, in order be secure in our identity
  • The church is coming out of a success mode that’s been borrowed from the world, into a success mode from God.
  • It’s his favour, nothing else

Yvonne Walton

  • Even ministering in India, we’re all a fatherless generation
  • It’s hard for them to receive from the Father
  • Being hugged by a father brings the end to a depression

Pastor Cornelio

  • Different cultures have different paradigms
  • But Asians and native Americans all felt this:
  • Many women felt worthless, because the first-born son got preferential treatment
  • Even men felt the same, because of never being hugged
  • The West was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.
  • But when they’re not walking with God, they’re just as foreign to God’s ways
  • Psalm 68:5, the Lord is father to the fatherless
  • I was orphaned at 4 years old.
  • But I never suffered because my Mom was great, but the Lord was there.

Psalm 23

  • My God, why hast thou forsaken me?
  • John Walton

The favour of Joseph is being released in the world

  • There’s a shift in Christians
  • A religiosity is being shunned
  • “Business as usual” in the church, is being shunned
  • Revelation 21:29, the secret things are released for the end times
  • The revelation belongs to us
  • But the things revealed belong to us forever

Matthew 13:16

  • Blessed are your eyes, for you have seen…
  • Kings have desired to see what you are seeing.

Joseph’s life wasn’t all smooth

  • He had this father’s and his Father’s favour
  • But he also had enmity, because of jealousy
  • His giftings did not fail him
  • “A man’s gift makes room for him, and he will stand before kings.”

We have been churchy about our concept of the Holy Spirit

  • We’re different in church from the coffee shop
  • A churchy attitude quenches the gift and confines it to the church
  • When Deborah brought a word of knowledge to an Indian shop assistant one day…
  • Two years later they bumped into each other at a women’s ministry event…
  • “You’re the one who had a word for me, that changed my life!”

God is in control

  • Divine favour vs. human success strategies
  • Transformation
  • God wants the church to be transformed
  • We need to stop doing church-ianity the way we have
  • Christ talked about Kingdom, not denomination

Christ spoke about Kingdom

  • Being able to minister to the underground in Malaysia
  • Muslims cannot legally convert to Christianity
  • But they are by the hundred of thousands
  • But not by the instrument of Man
  • God is meeting them personally

Underground churches

  • The Muslims have to meet there
  • The churches are scared of the government to embrace Muslims
  • They are not praying for churches, musical instruments, carpet, chairs, buildings, no paraphernalia
  • What they are praying for is, they want to see Jesus.  Intimacy

While we are praying for material things, they want to meet God

  • The testimonies are astounding
  • E.g. seeing Jesus in a firey chariot
  • E.g. seeing an angel in an Indonesian prayer meeting

We consider ourselves

  • spirit filled
  • full gospel
  • but we’re mired in the material

When God speaks, things happen

  • They (the Muslims) are being converted and going around preaching the gospel
  • We hear 15 words of prophecy in church each week, and learn nothing

Joseph went from the prison to prime minister in one day

  • “Where else will I find God’s wisdom but here?”

Elijah challenged Molech (the majority)

  • The entire nation turned back to Jehovah

Mary Queen of Scots

  • I fear the prayers of John Knott more than entire armies

Jeronlamo Savonorola – when he preached, sounded like thunder

  • In Medici, Florence.
  • Turned around an invading army with a Word from the Lord

In Indonesia 2005

  • Prayed for man running for vice-governorship
  • Deborah released a prophetic word over his life
  • He stood up afterwards a changed man
  • Gave a rousing speech
  • Two days later, won the election
  • First time a Christian man wins in Muslim nation

They looked after us for our evangelistic crusades for 3 years

  • chauffeured
  • the power of favour

The key to favour

  • We have to embrace it
  • We have to get rid of a poverty mentality
  • We have to get rid of the idea that the devil owns this nation


  • Oh Lord, our Lord, how excellent is your Name is all the Earth
  • We need to carry ourselves as called of the Lord



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