Promise Keepers Day 2 Session 3

Known by Name

  • Ivan Bezzant
  • You don’t know who you really are, until the pressure goes on.

2 Corinth 3:18

  • God’s will for us, is that we would be transformed into the image of Him
  • What’s the illustration of what being like You would be?
  • It’s Christ

How can we be transformed?

  • Romans 12:2
  • By the renewing of your mind
  • “I cannot keep doing what I am doing now, and expect different results.”
  • Hebrews 12:26

Your Name Defines You

  • God wants to change your name
  • There needs to be a moment in your life, when you get honest to the question “what is your name?”
  • (Note to non-Christians: this doesn’t mean your legal name. It means Who You Really Are)

What Is My Name?

  • How will I respond?
  • Tired of the games and the fronts, I want to be real


  • What words, nicknames, or lies have been spoken to, or about you, which have impacted on your identity?
  • What truth does God’s Word speak about your identity, to counter these lies?

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