Promise Keepers Day 2 Breakout

Welcome to Church for Men

  • Forging Tomorrow’s Men
  • Pastor’s & Leaders Breakout

Church for Men

  • Dean Comerford
  • National Ministry with Men
  • Coaching Coordinator

Ministry with Men – Controversial Statements

  • Ministry with Men is the single most important thing your church can engage in – But there are other areas
  • Churches should focus on… (e.g. rights of the unborn) etc

True Statements

  1. An effective ministry with men is critical if the church is to reach children, and more importantly keep them through to their adulthood
  2. (missed)
  3. Ministry with men is vital if your church seeks to grow and survive beyond the current generation

Why you should embrace a strong and enduring Ministry with Men

  • Men are a key to children’s ministry.  Father’s are primarily called upon to train their children (Eph 6:4)
    • Dean recounted his 13-year-old daughter is a feminist-in-training, and what’s worse, a Greenie too.
    • My slant is “get her out of public school then”
  • Men are a key to raising young men.  If a young man perceives the church of his youth as unmanly, he will cut it off.  He’s putting childish things away.  This is good and right and proper.
  • Men are a key to raising young women.  Avoiding promiscuity through modelling appropriate behaviours.
  • Men are a key to women’s ministry.  Most women’s problems are caused by unregenerate men.
  • Men are a key to mission and outreach.  Men relish taking great risks.

What do I need to do?

  • Issue a challenge big enough to excite men to commit and flourish

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