METTLE Weekly Newsletter Volume 4 Issue 9


Volume 4

Issue 9



Hippolite Musings




Thought for the Day


Two years ago, I took Tane (then aged 9) to the Wellington Homeschooler Association’s field trip to the Wellington Zoo.  It was a zoo sleep-over, where we got a tour in the evening, slept marae-style in Archibald house, then got woken up by the Gibbons, and finally had another tour in the morning.  It was a magical time, very educational and a highlight for Tane.

This weekend, it was Hamish’s turn (Aimee was very disappointed to be told she would have to wait another year.  Tane was disappointed too that he couldn’t return).  We decided to make this a privileged treat, rather than a normal family activity.  That way, it’s something to look forward to, and not to take for granted.

I’m not sure whether the guide had been warned, but this year we had no nonsense about “related to apes” being rammed down our kids throats.  However, I am still offended to be called a great ape.  “I am descended from God, not ascended from apes,” I told our mid-wife when she was giving birthing advice to Fiona 11 years ago.

I’m proud to report that Hamish acquitted himself well, and I got a reasonable amount of sleep.  Hamish was enthusiastic, interested and enquiring.  He engaged well with his peers.  All of Fiona’s hard work seems to be paying off, despite the niggles she says she constantly sees.

Also this week, Telecom moved my small team of 4 to be with the rest of our manager’s group, from Tory Street to Willis Street.  Now, we won’t be bludging off another manager’s good graces in order to organise a floor social gathering.  They say a change is as good as a holiday.  Personally, I’m excited, because I’m closer to a number of venues I need to get to during the year, such as the library, my Dot Net User Group meetings, Microsoft training (both at Auldhouse and Microsoft), and Microsoft exams (at Auldhouse). 

My manager is also currently in negotiation with the hierarchy to expand one aspect of my current role.  I’m trying to get Telecom to agree to fund my Microsoft Certified Trainer status, so that my role becomes a kind of internal Learning Consultant.  More on this, as it progresses.

And finally this week, Tane has discovered a couple of life lessons:

  • Dad’s bike has better brakes than his;
  • Don’t slam on front brakes in a hurry, under any circumstances;
  • You really can rely upon the kindness of strangers.  In this case, to phone Fiona to come and get him off the side of the road.

Nothing broken, apart from his pride.

Correspondence #1

Hi James

Here’s a little titbit to get the grey cells working.

I have suspected for some time that the CERN (who I believe oversee the giant particle accelerator, and are also the place the Internet originated) has been sponsored for more than just science.

Here is a Wikipedia article that describes its capability of producing an antiproton.

The development of antiprotons in the new particle accelerator means the capacity to produce anything from super powerful electricity generation plants to spacecraft propulsion to massively destructive weapons. Little wonder, none of this is discussed in the media releases surrounding the particle accelerator in Europe. Yet I think this is its primary purpose.

If this is achieved, it would mean a centralisation of world power into Europe. The EU will rule economically, politically and militarily.



James says:

  • I liked the cartoon that ran shortly before the Haldron Particle Accelerator was first attempted to be switched on.  It was of aliens about to throw the switch to experiment with their own HPA.  The caption below the article stated “About 1.2s before the Big Bang.”
  • As for the EU becoming the next super power, I say the only thing to do is for NZ to go nuclear (only half kidding.  I actually believe Nuke power is safe and cheap and clean.)
  • But we know that the powers that bring about Armageddon are Gog and Magog (currently believed to  be Russia and Iran).
  • The EU may be instrumental in bringing about the One World Religion which is an abomination, but I’m less concerned about that than the fact our own government is already stealing our babies at an alarming rate.

Correspondence #2

Newtown Movie School Holiday Programme

4 big reasons why this is the BEST holiday programme for children

  • Make a short film
    (all children will be given coaching and scripted into acting/speaking roles)
  • Make your own ‘hands-on’ stop-motion movie (working in small groups).
    Stop-motion is the process of making movies one frame at a time – think ‘Chicken Run’. It is an easy way to learn about the whole movie making process using small actors made from Lego or plasticine. Throughout the week children will develop a story, create props, record their movie and add sound effects.
  • Learn heaps about movie making with an emphasis on creative skills that are within the
    reach of a young budget conscious movie maker, including:
    • Scripting – the importance of a story
    • Pre-production – planning for visual (what your eyes see on the screen) and audio (what your ears hear)
    • Models and prop making – creating cheaper/smaller versions of the real thing
    • Special effects – working with a blue screen and other goodies
    • Video recording – getting best camera angles
    • Editing – putting the best shots together to create the right feeling for the movie
    • Recording sound and adding music – learn about the importance of good quality sound
    • ‘Making of’ case studies – how the experts create effects and a look at alternatives.
  • Take home DVD containing the completed short film and all stop-motion movies produced by small groups at Newtown Movie School.

One week only from 20 to 24 APRIL 2009 (9am to 5pm)

  • For children aged 8 to 13 years.
  • This programme is intended for children who have an interest in creative hands-on movie making – but just need access to equipment, know-how to get started, coaching and guidance, or want to work with like-minded children.

Daily schedule

  • Monday 20 to Friday 24 April 2009 (9am to 5pm)
  • Drop off, pick up and main location is Newtown School, Mein Street, Newtown.
  • 9am Start – Short film, setup, preparation, coaching, rehearsing etc
  • 10.00 – 1.00 Filming scenes for short film
  • 1.00 – 1.30 Lunch break
  • 1.30 – 2-30 Learning about aspects of film making, including watching relevant clips
  • 2.30 – 4.30 Small groups working on stop-motion projects
  • 4.30 – 5.00 Watch the short film ‘rushes’ – footage from the mornings recording.

Cost and Registration

  • The cost is $300 for the whole week ($25 discount if attended before). Places in Newtown Movie School are confirmed on payment – first come – first serve basis.
  • All children receive one free copy of the DVD containing the short film and all stop-motion projects. Additional DVDs can be ordered for $10 each.


  • Craig Lauridsen and Jamin Vollebregt both have a passion for making movies and have worked on numerous video projects for more than 5 years and submitted entries into film festivals. They have completed a number of movies with schools and groups of children.
  • Craig runs a graphic design business and has 5 school age children. Jamin is a design graduate with experience in making props for stage and film.

Their recent successes include:

  • ‘Badge of Vengeance’ – 48hours film festival 2008 – Audience Choice award in heat
  • ‘Main Trunk Country Road’ – Selected for 2008 ‘Show Me Shorts’ film festival
  • ‘Man, I’m in Trouble’ shown on Triangle TV in 2008.

More Information

  • Newtown Movie School will have a maximum of 12 children (maximum adult/child ratio of 1:6)
  • Each day children will need a packed lunch and drink (rule number 1 in film making is ‘feed the crew’)
  • They will also need to bring outdoor clothing suitable for the weather, eg coat or sunhat.
  • Newtown Movie School uses Apple computers and movie making software.


Correspondence #3



Northern Squash Racquets Club


B Grade & Below Tournament
Thursday 16th – Saturday 18th April

Standard Tournament Conditions
(Note local players may be required to play Wednesday)
All players scheduled for Minimum of 3 games
ENTRY FEE $30.00
($25 if paid before first game)
Entries Close: 5pm Friday 10th April 2009
Players are encouraged to enter online at

Contact: Julian Allen Phone: 021-2755095
Email to:

Tournament Proudly Sponsored By: Tommy’s

Sunday Sermon



Praise and Worship

  • Ancient of Days
  • Oh Taste & See
  • He is Lord
  • How Great Is Our God

Things You Need to Know

  • Easter Services, Good Friday 9:30am, 11am & Easter Festival. Who can YOU bring?
  • Ian Green, international speaker
  • Working Bee, Saturday 21st March @ Elim


  • Kim’s birthday
  • Tai was back on drums today
  • “My daughter is 30 today”
  • 5 year wedding anniversary (x2)
  • Tane gave testimony of surviving a biking accident (wearing his helmet)
  • 1st year wedding anniversary

Tithes & Offering

  • By Selwyn
  • Philippians 4
  • Replace worry with trust in God


  • Dennis & Jill Franck
  • America’s National Director for Single & Young Adult Ministries, Assemblies of God
  • Dennis has been ministering to and working with single and single-again adults, as well as understanding the issues over 30 years. He emphasizes the absolute necessity to become a whole person spiritually, emotionally, and relationally.
  • Jessica’s (worship leader) parents
  • From Springfield, Missouri

Top 10 Reasons God Created Eve

  1. God worried that Adam would be lost in the Garden of Eden because he wouldn’t ask for directions
  2. God knew that someday Adam would need somebody to hand him the remote
  3. God knew that Adam would never make a doctor’s appointment.
  4. God knew that when Adams’ fig leaf wore out, he would never buy a new one for himself
  5. God knew that Adam would not remember to take out the garbage
  6. Child birth
  7. Adam needed help in finding his tools
  8. Adam needed some to blame for the Apple Incident
  9. It is not good for man to be alone
  10. God said “I can do better than that”

Myths – What do you think?

  • Everybody should get married
  • Something is wrong with you if you’re not married
  • Single adults… have fewer problems than married adults
  • Single adults… are losers
  • Single adults… are lonely
  • Single adults… are rich
  • Single adults… are on the prowl


  • US – 44% are not married
  • Median age at 1st Marriage (NZ) Men 29.9 and Women 28.1 in 2004 (up from 23 for men and 20.8 for women in 1971)

NZ marriage trends

  • 1971 – 27,199
  • 2001 – 19,972

NZ Divorce Trends

  • Divorces, 1971=3,347, 2004=10,004

The Church Must Reach New Types of “Families”

  • Single-person family
  • Single-parent family
  • Stepparent family
  • Blended-parent family
  • Nuclear family
  • Expanded family
  • Grandparent family
  • Unmarried parent family
  • Homosexual parent family
  • Homosexual/heterosexual parent family

Why do churches have a smaller percentage (of singles) than society?

  • Because they don’t connect

The Needs…

  • Consider these comments
  • “Out of the divorces, widowhood, the singles bars, clubs, apartment and condominiums, comes a torrent of need, and it is flowing right past the door of our churches. There is boundless talent and creativity in this flood of single adults. The church can help and it can also be helped. It can give and it can receive.”
  • Opportunity is there! What will we do?

Single Adults can help build the church:

  1. By attending.
    Unique interests/needs of single adults. Where in the church are these addressed?
    If not the church, then people are being educated on these topics from television!
  2. Numerically!
    Single adult classes vs. Married adult classes.
  3. Giving their tithes and offerings.
    Don’t have to check with a spouse!
    Takes only a single pew.
  4. By Serving!
    1 Corinthians 7:32-25: Paul says singleness is better for ministry!
    1 Corinthians 7:26-28: Paul encourages singleness
    Paul was single at this point in life
    Single adults have more freedom to make decisions and more flexibility with schedule, travel.
  5. By Missions
    Don’t have to check with spouse

Marriage does not make a person whole or mature!

  • People are whole and complete, married or single!
  • Col 2:10 “You are complete in Him!”
  • Jesus was a single. Was he only a half-person?

Notable people…

  • Joseph, fled advances of Potiphar’s wife
  • Lillian Trasher – Orphanage in Egypt
  • Mother Theresa – ministry in India
  • Pope Benedict 16th – current leader of the Catholic Church
  • Clare Barton – Founder of the Red Cross
  • Evangeline Booth – daughter of William Booth – helped to begin the Salvation Army
  • Apostle Paul – wrote most of the doctrines of the New Testament
  • Jesus – quite important to Christians

Some thoughts:

  • In the beginning, we were created single (in the garden)
  • In the end, we will be single (in heaven)
  • In the middle, a single man (Jesus) led us

Praise Reports




  • The Hippolite family (of Grenada Village) have just finished our television and special drinks (fizz) fasts.  (We’re slightly behind the rest of our church because we had several interruptions.) Yay!


  • Irrespective of whether the Kingdom Come movie actually goes ahead, I’ve decided to trim my beard.  This has come as a great relief to all concerned.


  • Stephen Baldwin Slams Hollywood’s Vulgarity – The violence, vulgarity, and anti-family fare produced in excess in Hollywood contributes to social decay and the higher rates of youth suicide and teen pregnancy, actor and media personality Stephen Baldwin told He added that pro-family films sell well and more conservatives should move into the industry to control the content and produce the types of films that many American families desire.

  • Russia and US poised to relaunch nuclear reduction treaty – Hillary Clinton on Russia: ‘It’s time to explore a fresh start.’ The overtures are being greeted warmly in Russia. Is a massive arsenal cut on the horizon?

  • Researchers Make Stem Cells From Adult Skin – Scientists have found a way to make an almost limitless supply of stem cells that could safely be used in patients while avoiding the ethical dilemma of destroying embryos. Because the cells can be made from a patient’s own skin, they carry the same DNA and so could be used without a risk of being rejected by the immune system. Unlike previous efforts to use adult cells, the scientists at the universities of Edinburgh and Toronto have found a way to achieve the feat without using viruses.

Prayer Requests




  • That I would be a responsible Treasurer for the Wellington Homeschoolers Association.

  • That I would be a committed committee member for the Northern Racquets Squash Association.

  • That I would be a helpful member of the Grenada Village Residents Association.


  • More new babies taken from mothers – Custody orders have doubled in five years.  Dozens of newborns are being taken from their mothers every year because of fears for their safety. Pray for the tragedy of the situation where children are at risk, but also where the government can come in and remove children at its own discretion.  I believe God made fathers the head of their homes, not the government.


  • The Mexican Supreme Court has handed down its final decision upholding the liberalization of Mexico City’s abortion laws. Pro-lifers are claiming at least a partial victory in that the Supreme Court did not make abortion a constitutional right. Moreover, the Court did not base its limited decision upon international treaties.

  • The UN is holding its annual Commission on the Status of Women which will produce a document that will be used to promote abortion. At various side events hosted by radical pro-abortion groups, the Catholic Church has come in for its usual drubbing.

  • Netanyahu’s Predicament: Handling Both Terrorists and Liberals – Negotiations between Likud and its coalition partners towards the formation of Israel’s next government have only just begun. But the campaign to undermine the government-in-formation is already well underway. For Israel, a US-supported Hamas-Fatah government is a hellish prospect. The political support such a government will lend to the terror war against Israel will be enormous. But beyond that, such a government, supported by the US will likely cause Israel security nightmares.

Other News


  • Plan Aims to Keep Wellington Affordable and Vibrant – When Wellington City Councillors meet next week to decide on the contents of the draft Long Term Council Community Plan, they will be working to achieve a balance that recognises the economic situation and the need to ensure Wellington is in the best possible position when the economy improves.


  • Foreshore and Seabed Act is back in the news headlines.  Unlike my far right brethren, I actually agree there is a case to answer here.


  • Three more Obama nominees withdraw from running – Three of Barack Obama’s nominations for key government positions have withdrawn from the running on a single day in another blow to his faltering attempts to fill his administration.

  • US Invites Iran to Join Conference on Afghanistan – The Obama administration on Thursday marked a clear break with George W. Bush’s policy of isolating Iran by declaring its intention to invite the Islamic republic to an international conference on stabilising Afghanistan. Iran has already signalled its willingness to attend. A firm date for the conference has not been fixed. Italy, as holder of the G8 presidency this year, has proposed hosting such a conference in Trieste in June.

  • Obama’s mixed signals on terror policy – The White House is seeking to protect at least some of its Bush-era privileges.

Why I Am A Creationist


Have you ever actually seen our so-called closest living relatives up close?

They’re nothing like us. Their so-called similarity merely proves common designer, not common ancestor.

Our tour guide (see zoo story above) informs me they have the intelligence of six year olds.  Rubbish.  Any normal six year old human can communicate in whole sentences, understands right from wrong and can contemplate a loving Heavenly Father.

I believe Good Stewardship does include caring for God’s Creation.  I don’t believe we should worship the creation more than or instead of the Creator.

And also, watch this 4 minute video, in which John Lennox explains what is the “God of the Gaps” argument, and his take on it.



Book Review







The book of conquering Canaan.






Not as much as the Pentateuch! 




The Book of Joshua is the story of the Israelite invasion of Canaan, the land God had promised them, under the leadership of Joshua, the successor of Moses.  It also sets of the division of Canaan among the tribes.  Notable events recorded in this book include the crossing of the Jordan, the fall of Jericho, the battle at Ai, and the renewal of the covenant between God and his people.  One of the best-known passages in the book is “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will server… as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD”. (24:15)


  1. The LORD Commands Joshua
  2. Rahab and the Spies
  3. Crossing the Jordan
  4. Setting up an Altar
  5. Circumcision at Gilgal
  6. The Fall of Jericho
  7. Achan’s Sin
  8. Ai Destroyed; The Covenant Renewed at Mount Ebal
  9. The Gibeonite Deception
  10. The Sun Stands Still; Five Amorite Kings Killed; Southern Cities Conquered
  11. Northern Kings Defeated
  12. List of Defeated Kings
  13. Land Still to Be Taken; Division of the Land East of the Jordan
  14. Division of the Land West of the Jordan; Hebron Given to Caleb
  15. Allotment for Judah
  16. Allotment for Ephraim
  17. Allotment for Manasseh
  18. Division of the Rest of the Land; Allotment for Benjamin
  19. Allotment for Simeon; Zebulun; Issachar; Asher; Naphtali; Dan; Joshua
  20. Cities of Refuge
  21. Towns for the Levites
  22. Eastern Tribes Return Home
  23. Joshua’s Farewell to the Leaders
  24. The Covenant Renewed at Shechem; Buried in the Promised Land


One of my all-time favourite dramatic/humorous pieces of the Bible is in Joshua 5, when he confronts a Stranger, just before the battle for Jericho.  Joshua asks “Are you for us or for our enemies?”  The Strangers’s reply, “Neither, but as commander of the army of the LORD I have now come” must have come as quite a shock, because the next thing we read is Joshua’s flat on his face!  I glean from this encounter a number of factoids:

  • Either God was still testing Joshua’s piety, or just having a laugh at his expense, by answering “neither”.
  • The LORD needed to put in a personal appearance, because the instructions He was about to give Joshua (march around a city and blow trumpets?) sounded awfully bizarre.
  • Joshua was humble enough to humble himself before the LORD; even though he had his own army, he still recognized his limitations.
  • Many scholars and theologians refer to this Man as a Christophany: an appearance of Christ before his physical birth as a child.  Since Christ is the third person of the Holy Trinity, and the only one with a physical body, and He is eternal, this is possible.  Of course, other possible explanations are angelic visitation, or the Holy Spirit putting on human form.  I like the idea of a Christophany, personally, but wouldn’t build a church on it.

I also just finished reading a children’ story of Ruth to Aimee.  I hadn’t realised before, but Boaz, who ended up marrying the Moabitess Ruth (a potentially socially limiting marriage, in the culture of the times), was himself a child of the former prostitute Rahab from the former city of Jericho!  All these links and ties to the messiah are fascinating to me.  No wonder he wasn’t particularly upset to be called “a friend of sinners!”


Bible Reading


Week to 15 Mar 2009

  1. Judges 9:1 – 11:21
  2. Judges 11:22 – 14:20
  3. Judges 15:1 – 17:13
  4. Judges 18:1 – 19:30
  5. Judges 20:1 – 21:25
  6. Ruth 1:1 – 4:22
  7. 1 Chronicles 1:1 – 3:24

Week to 22 Mar 2009

  1. 1 Chronicles 4:1 – 6:47
  2. 1 Chronicles 6:48 – 8:40
  3. 1 Samuel 1:1 – 3:18
  4. 1 Samuel 3:19 – 7:17
  5. 1 Samuel 8:1 – 11:15
  6. 1 Samuel 12:1 – 14:52
  7. 1 Samuel 15:1 – 17:30

End Notes

  • METTLE is an acronym for Men’s Evangelical Team Together for Learning Experiences. We are primarily Christian businessmen from Wellington, who meet occasionally in the CBD to encourage each other in our daily walk with Jesus. This Weekly Collaborative Blog (WCB) is our primary means of communication.  If you know of anyone who may benefit from this WCB, you are welcome to forward them along. Similarly, if your circumstances are such that membership in this distribution list is no longer relevant, then hit reply and type UNSUBSCRIBE to have it removed.
  • If you choose to respond to any item raised in this WCB, please indicate clearly which items you wish to remain Private, as any correspondence may be considered Public and could be published.
  • If this fortnight’s newsletter has been of benefit to you, why not drop a line and say so.  Or better yet, visit the TVORNZ website to read past issues and add a comment!
  • Published by The Voice of Reason, New Zealand, copyright (C) 2009


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