Peter Nunn #4

Crossing the Jordan

  • Wednesday 31 December 2008 @ 8:30pm
  • Joshua 3
  • The end of an old life, the rising up into a new life = Baptism!


3 Events

  • Passover = Christ’s Sacrifice
  • Crossing Red Sea = Saved in Power
  • Jordan = Death & Resurrection


Aimee says:

  • To dad I Love you


3 Thrones:

  • Unrepentant sinner: “I” is on the throne of their heart, ordering the affairs of their life.  Christ is nowhere in the circle of their life.
  • Committed Christian: Christ is on the throne, properly ordering the affairs of their life.  “I” is subordinate.
  • Carnal Christian: Christ is at least in the circle, but “I” is still on the throne.


3 Places:

  • Bethlehem: New birth Gal 2:20
  • Calvary: Christ’s Death Our Substitute
  • Pentecost: Coming of Holy Spirit.  Romans 8:2


Romans 6:

  • Knowing – what the Word of God says
  • Reckoning – yourself dead to sin
  • Presenting – yourself to God
  • “Present your members as slaves of holiness for righteousness” (KJV)
  • “Offer the parts of your body to him as instruments of righteousness” (NIV)


Joshua 4

  • Joshua commanded that each tribe take a stone from the river bed
  • He made a monument with those
  • He used that monument to remind the children to come of the great miracle that had occurred




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