Study Group #3


  • James Hippolite
  • Willie Anderton
  • David Schirf
  • Simon Love
  • Junior Makea
  • Cameron Senior
  • Carey Senior
  • Ben Senior
  • Neil
  • Edwin (leader while Tim’s in hospital)
  • Ed Senior


Job and God

  • Job’s friends are unanimous in coming to the same conclusion that Job’s suffering must be the result of sin, and if Job repents, all will be well.  For example read what Bildad has to say in Job 8:1-6.
  • Job continues to maintain his innocence (see 6:24, 30).  He despises his friends, calls them liars and fake physicians, and says that he would rather reason with God (see 13:1-4).
  • Like an accused man enlists his own defence.  Read 13:17-18 “Listen carefully to my words, and let my declaration be in your ears.  I have indeed prepared my case; I know that I shall be vindicated.”
  • Not since chapter 1 has God spoken and now in ch. 8 God addresses Job.  Read what God says to Job in 38:1-4.


Read what Job says about himself in 12:1-3 and remembering he is God fearing (Prov 1:7) discuss what God is saying to Job in 38:2.

  • (Recall what Job called his wife in 2:10)
  • (James says) All of Job’s suffering before (and subsequent accusations from his friends later) were an endurance test.  He hadn’t done anything wrong to deserve this punishment, but his attitude of demanding the right to stand before God to plead his case was what God was angry about at the end.


Consider some of the things that God says to Job in ch 38-39

  • What is the point of God’s speech?
  • Is this an angry tirade?
  • Is Job being reprimanded or is something else going on?
  • (James says) This speech reveals a part of God’s power and character, but still without revealing the hidden endurance test.  It’s not particularly angry, more like a patient parent exasperatedly explaining the facts of life.


Read Job 42:5 – If the point of God’s speech was not to crush Job what is He doing in this speech?

  • Detailing that without His protection, nothing good would happen
  • (Tim says) The point is that Job might see God’s power, wisdom, and goodness as it is reflected in the world hat He created.  God revelas Himself to Job as, powerful, wise and as the God of this creation (omnipotent and omnipresent) and Job gets it.  He understand what God is doing.


40:3-5 What is Job’s response when God invites him to speak.  What has happened to Job’s bravado.  What has changed about his fear of God?

  • Job gets a better idea of God
  • Restores his healthy awe (reverential fear)
  • Job only thought he know God well.  But what he knew was hearsay, like hearing a story about someone.  But now he understands God’s power, wisdom firsthand.


With a better understanding of God, Job had more what?

  • Prov. 1:7
  • Fear of the Lord
  • With better knowledge a bout god, Job has a new appreciation of God and what was probably once a fear of God that was based on offending God (1:5) has developed into a reverential fear and genuine awe of God and His power over creation.
  • Mercifully Job realises the unbelief that was in his own heart.  He understands that in the midst of his suffering he did not believe that God was being good, at least not to him.  But God was gracious.  He showed Job his sin and enabled him to repent.


Read Job 42:1-6.  Of what did Job repent?

  • He repented out of his unbelief
  • His insulting unbelief in the consistent goodness of God to him.




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