Study Session 1

Family Camp 2008

  • Tim Robertson leader
  • Monday 29 December 2008 @ 09:30



  • the person of Job
  • 4 chapters of a 40 chapter book (first 2 and last 2)
  • Confronting Adversity – A Study of Job
  • Pain = weakness leaving the body (?)


“The Poetic Story of an Innocent Sufferer Who at Lasts Meets God”

  • “Your maxims are proverbs of ashes… but I will defend my ways to his face” (13:12-15)
  • Hebrew Poetry: rhymes ideas, not words
  • (Contrast Dawkins and/or Hitchens adversity: “the God gene”) = unselfishness


Started with:

  • 7 sons
  • 3 daughters
  • feared God
  • astute
  • 7 thousand sheep
  • 3 thousand camels
  • 500 yoke of oxen
  • 500 donkeys
  • Large number of donkeys
  • Family man
  • Festive man
  • Was a fun guy to be around


Ed Senior read from verse 1 to 5.

Edwin Spinks read from verse 11 to 19.


First test, he lost his:

  • material prosperity
    • this can/does happen to Christians now (e.g. current economic crisis, credit crunch)
  • family died (e.g. Elim Turangi canyoning tragedy)
    • e.g. King Théoden from Lord of the Rings: “no parent should have to bury his child”
  • he lost his position in society
    • how would you feel if your vocation was taken away?


Second test:

  • he lost his health
    • the attack has turned personal
  • he turns to his family (only his wife is left)
    • But she give bad advice and commits suicide!
    • Still he chooses to bless the Name of the Lord


In the light of Job 1:12, consider Matt 5:45 and discuss why you think God allows Christians to face difficult circumstances?

  • build empathy with others who’ve gone through similar
  • makes a witness of your own integrity
  • by taking away our strengths, we come to depend upon Him


Contributions from:

  • Simon Love
  • Robert Duckett
  • Carey Senior
  • Junior Makea



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