Messages from Brother Peter Nunn #1

Lessons for us from the Book of Joshua:

  • I Corinthians 10:1-11
  • Trust in Jesus, be free of Satan’s domination
  • Likewise, trust in God (via Joshua) would have freed the Israelites from the domination of (Egypt?)
  • Trust what you cannot see.  Trust and obey are two things that Israel failed to do repeatedly.
  • Don’t think of Canaan as heaven; it means a material prosperity here as well.  A fruitful life of a Christian.


Five Blessings That They Enjoyed:

  1. They had the Cloud of the presence of God.  
    1. We have the Holy Spirit presence of God “I am with you always, even unto the end.”  “Never leave us nor forsake us.” Also Psalm 23: “your rod and staff, they comfort me.”
  2. They passed through the sea (The Red Sea)
    1. We pass from the dominion of Satan.  We don’t have to fear Satan anymore.  We have passed through from death to life.  But we should not simply ignore him.  He is active (in the occult).  So stay away. 
  3. They were baptised into Moses. 
    1. We are baptised into Christ.
  4. They all ate the same food (manna).  They had to gather it for themselves. 
    1. We have the same spiritual food (the body of Christ).  So too, we need to gather the Word of God for ourselves.
  5. They drank from the rock that Moses struck. 
    1. We drink from the same spiritual well (the Living Water).


Failures That They Suffered:

  1. Lack of appreciation (grumbling about manna)
    1. We need to keep our hearts pure, else we start desiring evil things. 
    2. Some of the things we might hanker after may not be evil, but they are displacing of the things that God wishes us to have at this time.
  2. Being idolatrous (they persuaded Aaron to cast a golden calf)
    1. We become impatient waiting for God and insist on our own way.
    2. CT Studd – No Sacrifice Too Great
    3. Amy Carmichael – was able to write many great things of lasting value
  3. Being sexually immoral to the point where 23,000 died in one day
    1. This is a very relevant concern today
    2. Guard our eyes
  4. They tried the Lord’s patience – and were killed by snake bite
    1. We are tried by Satan’s fiery arrows.  Often straight after a great spiritual victory in one area; we are attacked in another area.  The shield of faith.
  5. They murmured against God
    1. Through unbelief in what God said He would do.




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