METTLE Weekly Newsletter


Volume 3

Issue 35


21 September 2008



Hippolite Musings

I received some encouragement from you METTLERS this week, so thank you and I will keep it up.

This week, my lovely wife has been in Invercargill for her brother’s 40th birthday celebration.  Unlike past years where she has taken the children with her, this time I have the responsibility to care for their needs 24×7.  It has been an eye-opener.  Let me tell you about it.

Fiona flew out Wednesday night and returns Tuesday morning.  Over those 6 nights, 8 hours and 30 minutes Fiona organised for, and we will have participated in:

This is what she does every week (not to mention Tuesday, which I haven’t included because that’s when she returns and I gratefully hand them back over to her).  She’s a machine! 

On top of that, she’s trained my children so well that now:

  • Tane can put on the bread-baker and even some dinners;
  • They all make their own breakfasts and lunches;
  • They can log on and download their math’s worksheets (I just need to sight their answers);
  • Tane is doing typing practice;
  • Aimee is reading Bible to me at nights;
  • Hamish is working on a go-cart project with his friend Lucas;

Their self-reliance in these matters means that I’m able to work a full-time job from home for Thursday, Friday and Monday.  People at work often remark and ask me why I look so happy on Monday mornings.  I usually give them one of two reasons:

  • It’s the day after Sunday, and I’ve been with Jesus; or
  • I come to work for a rest!

Sunday Sermon

I did not blog this Sunday’s sermon because I was not in adult church because it was my turn to lead Power Zone (Children’s Church).  We are studying God’s 10 Cool Rules.  Today was Rule #9: Do not covet, or Power Kids avoid jealous eyes.

If you are a parent of one of my students, I neglected to pass on an important notice today: Power Zone will be taking a break next week, as Creation Ministries will be visiting Elim and taking the 10am service.  Any child wishing to attend is more than welcome.  Mitch (my Power Zone leader) has graciously released me so I may attend adult church as well.  Alternatively, Mitch has further graciously offered to take any remaining children through another White Sunday rehearsal.  Your child has the choice of whether to attend White Sunday practice or a Creation sermon.

Book Review

The current book I am reading is really hard work and taking quite a bit longer than I had originally anticipated.  Hopefully I will finish it in time to review it next week.  In the meantime, I received my quarterly Creation Magazine subscription, and thought you might like to know what was inside it.


Creation Magazine


Vol 30 No 4



(this is not the current issue, picture not available to me off the web)




Creation Ministries International




NZ$35.00 per year


Proclaiming and upholding the truth and authority of the Bible.


There’s so much goodness in each edition that it’s hard for me to put it down after picking it up.  This edition I especially liked the article about fundamentalism because it gave a modern history of the church, where the terms like evangelical came from and a helpful way to move forward in dialogue between Christians and others.


·         Evolution in a Petri dish?

·         Rock Language

·         Long ages and paganism – Evolution and old-earth beliefs are not modern ideas.

·         Chamberlain and the Church

·         Kakapo Crash – The world’s heaviest parrot is an endangered species.

·         The Dutch ‘Ark’ – The sight of a stately ‘Ark’ cruising Holland’s waterways turns heads – and hearts.

·         The Power of Design – The author of the world’s best-selling creation book as produced a new one highlighting the evidence for design – and it’s set to become a blockbuster.

·         ‘Exceptionally preserved jellyfishes’ – In Origin of Species, Darwin wrote that ‘No organism wholly soft can be preserved.’  He was wrong.

·         A term of abuse? – What does ‘fundamentalism’ mean nowadays?

·         In leaps and bounds – Frogs and froghoppers can jump many times their own body length.  Ho do they do it?

Praise Reports

  • Judge lambastes top cops in damning report – The actions of some of the country’s highest-ranking police have been criticised in a damning Independent Police Conduct Authority report due out later today.  I read this article.  Nowhere does the Main Stream Media cite Ian Wishart’s book as source material for exposing this corruption.  Typical.  As unfortunate as it all is, let’s pray that Justice be done so we can clean up the Police, and hopefully prosecute the real criminals, like Labour for instance.
  • Surprise finding on battery hens – Controversial new government research is tipped to reveal that caged hens are generally healthier than their free-range cousins.  This story just tickled my fancy, because it sounds so anti-Green.

Prayer Requests

  • On Thursday I will be speaking to Maori students at Nelson College, hoping to pass on a motivationally inspirational message.  I would appreciate your prayers for this.
  • Creation Ministries are visiting Elim Church Sunday 28 September @ 10am and The Rock Church Sunday 28 September @ 6pm.  I’m really excited about this.  Pray that many non-Christian and lukewarm Christians will hear about this and come to learn why it should be foundational to their beliefs. 
  • Professor Reiss ‘Expelled.’ – Professor Reiss, an Anglican minister, has been forced out of his position at the Royal Society for calling for discussions in the science classroom if children raise questions about intelligent design or creationism. In response some Fellows, including Richard Dawkins, Sir Harry Kroto and Sir Richard Roberts, objected and brought their full weight of authority to bear by calling for his resignation. Now the Darwinistas have got their scalp. 

Other News

End Notes

  • METTLE is an acronym for Men’s Elim Team Together for Learning Experiences. We are primarily (but not exclusively) businessmen from Wellington Elim Church, who meet occasionally in the CBD to encourage each other in our daily walk with Jesus. This newsletter is our primary means of communication.  If you know of anyone who may benefit from these newsletters, you are welcome to forward them along. Similarly, if your circumstances are such that membership in this distribution list is no longer relevant, then hit reply and type UNSUBSCRIBE to have it removed.
  • METTLE has no affiliation with Telecom New Zealand Limited.
  • If you choose to respond to any item raised in this Newsletter, please indicate clearly which items you wish to remain Private, as any correspondence may be considered Public and could be published in the Comments section of each article.
  • If this week’s newsletter has been of benefit to you, why not drop a line and say so.  Or better yet, visit the TVORNZ website to read past issues and add a comment yourself!  


One thought on “METTLE Weekly Newsletter”

  1. It is tough, and I\’m no better off in many ways.  Having said that I\’m probably going to vote National to get Helen out.
    I haven\’t looked into Act in depth, but wouldn\’t be surprised if they are fiscally oriented.  What about the Kiwi party (?.) Not sure of the name, but the one that put that movie on that time.
    One of the key things about the parties this time round is that the older politicians are starting to leave.  National has lots of younger politicians and Labour is slowly getting them too.  They have promise as they aren\’t living on the politics of the 80s – they are more forward looking which should bode well. 
    Unfortunately, I think the days of having a "good" party to vote for are well behind us.
    The reason I forwarded this one is that it has some climate change info in it that I know you are interested in.

    From: James
    Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2008 1:03 AM
    To: Darryl 
    Subject: RE: [NZCPR-Weekly] The Way Forward

    Kiaora Darryl,
    Yeah, I get those too, although I haven’t read this particular one yet.
    I was thinking of giving ACT my vote this time around (I’ve become disillusioned with the centre parties) but the Family First website is putting me off.  Seems ACT aren’t particularly family friendly.
    What do you think?

    From: Darryl Sent: Monday, 22 September 2008 10:40 p.m.To: James Subject: FW: [NZCPR-Weekly] The Way Forward
    You may already get this…—–Original Message—–From: Muriel Newman <>Sent: Monday, 22 September 2008 1:08 a.m.To: [NZCPR-Weekly] The Way Forward?????????????>[The entire original message is not included]


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