METTLE Weekly Newsletter Vol 3 Issue 33


Hippolite Musings

My employer was very good to me this week, and sent me to a 3 day conference out of town.  It was a great training event, but more than that, an even better networking opportunity.  When 2000 workers from my industry got together, I had many chances to speak of the hope I have within me (1 Peter 3:15).  I think my success rate of being a good ambassador for Christ, as opposed to being a complete fool, might be around 50%, but I hope that’s better than nothing!

I was also privileged to spend some time this week with a few American colleagues.  I was reminded about what I find admirable about them.  They have an entrepreneurial spirit that is constantly looking at situations and seeing opportunities.  I need to emulate that more, and be less inclined to see problems and alter course.

Sunday Service

  • Hymn:
    • Amazing Grace
    • “Let the weak, say I am strong”
  • Things you need to know:
    • Our new elevator is in place; a requirement for the Day Care Centre; $25,000 donation requested
    • Sergio Scataglini (from Argentina ) here today, tonight & Tuesday @ 7pm
    • Mission Possible Lunch with Kevin & Jessie Chan next Sunday @ 12:30
    • Father’s Day today: I got an L&P and a bite-sized Moro
    • White Sunday rehearsal tonight @ 5:30pm.  Kids can’t make it this week, as we’re booked into Lone Star tonight.
    • Discovery Channel (Christian foundations course) six week course starts Sunday 14 September @ 5:30 – 6:30pm.  Registration required, deadline today.
    • I am on PowerZone (kids church) next week for the next 3 weeks.
  • Spiritual Blessings
    • “Do you have seeds (word of God) for crops still in the barn?
    • Your vines, fig trees (evangelism), pomegranates (love), and olive trees (anointing of God) have not given fruit yet,
    • But from now on I will bless you”
    • Haggai 2:19, NCV
  • A Declaration
    • As I sow today I declare over my household and beyond:
    • Revelation and a love for the Word of God
    • The joy of the Lord in the midst of trial
    • Salvation through the generations
    • Love and harmony in relationship
  • Sermon (Sergio)
    • Greetings
      1. Thank you for your warm welcome.  I feel a close connection here.  Your pastor Mike is a special friend.  My past few visits have been via Internet.  Good to be in person
      2. A stronghold is a lie which is accepted as truth.
    • Psalm 11 “When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?”
      1. When a father despairs, he passes this onto his children.
      2. Receive an injection of hope from heaven.
      3. We want to become lovingly militant for the light.
      4. Some media will train your kids to respond disrespectfully to their fathers.
      5. The recent article in The DomPost defending teenage homosexuality proves our society is sick and needs revival.
      6. We have a wonderful country, but we need healing.
    • (Bad) Theories about what can the righteous do:
      1. Do nothing.  Lose hope.  (Do we prepare for the coming of the anti-Christ?  No, we should prepare for the coming of the Christ!)
      2. Be distressed about it.  2 Peter 2:7-8.  Many are like Lot today.  Feel they are surrounded by ungodliness.
      3. Quit; give up; move somewhere else.  You think it’s tough here?  Think of Sergio in Las Vegas ; in the midst of strong ungodliness.  (Hope is intentional.)
    • What can we do?  (Good Ideas)
      1. We can build an ark, with many rooms in it.  Genesis 6:14.  God is looking for righteous people who like to build.  Arks are monuments of hope.  Arks say “even if the floods come, my family will survive.”  
      2. Invite people to the ark.  Invite others to your home.  Your home can be a place of peace.  You can impart salvation through your telephone.  Mark 2:17.  (When you give up hope, all you are doing is to delay your blessings.)  If you despair that God hasn’t answered your prayers, reflect on the quality of your prayers and be amazed at the ones He does decide to answer.  There’s something better than going to heaven: taking as many as possible with you.
      3. We can minister in the spirit and power of Elijah.  James 5:6
      4. Pray in such as way that you shake your nation.  1 Peter 3:12; Psalm 34:15.  Matt 6:10
      5. Rebuild the foundations.  Isaiah 44:26-28.  Isaiah 58:12.  Act like you own this place (this nation).

Praise Reports

  • Sunday was a glorious day, weather-wise in wonderful Wellington .
  • My employer has been good to me.  How about yours?  
    • Random stream of consciousness:
    • If it ain’t fun, don’t do it.
    • Is that the definition of Hedonism?
    • Or, is it recognising that God gives you strengths and weaknesses and His delight is to delight in you?
    • Or is that justification for “every man did what was right in his own eyes”?
    • I don’t know, go ask a pastor.
    • Who would choose to be a pastor, eh?

Prayer Requests

  • From Eric: “Our Grandma has been very low on energy lately. She hasn’t been eating properly lately and now she’s also had some vomiting too. Felicity is at Grandma’s place tonight, so we prayerfully ask for them both to get a good rest.”
  • My (James) mother has rallied from her bout of pneumonia but is very thin and weak.  The doctors didn’t give her much chance of recovering at all, at the time

Book Review


Lies That Go Unchallenged In Popular Culture


How Now Shall We Live?




Charles Colson


Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, Illinois , 2005






Armed with Scripture, Chuck Colson battles seven seemingly innocuous Lies That Go Unchallenged in Popular Culture – falsehoods like "Nobody has a monopoly on truth" or "Marriage isn’t forever". Using concise examples of individual situations, Colson helps you understand the underlying motives of these untruths and shows how to respond to worldviews that appear credible but in reality are counterfeit. Insightful and practical, this book is ideal for group or individual study


As someone who isn’t strongly into Social Policy, I was originally attracted to this title because I thought it might contain some more insight into combating the lie of evolution.  It isn’t about that at all, but it proved to be a fascinating summary of the current sick state of Western Civilisation, and constructive ideas about how to engage in and heal it.  In this respect, Sergio’s words above appear prophetic.

I found Colson’s synopses and suggested remedies to be common sense and yet knowledgeable.  I am grateful that somebody has taken the time to compile these gems of wisdom into a readily digestable form.  The next time I’m forced to engage on these (surface) issues, I won’t feel so much at a loss.  In the same way that you don’t have to be a scientist to know that Evolution is an anti-Christian religion and therefore wrong, you also don’t have to be a Social Scientist to observe wrong patterns and discern Biblical truths from them. 

Each lie is given a section of between 11 to 15 essays, each of 500 words.  There are questions for group study at the end of each essay.  Are any METTLE men interested in studying this book with me?



How to Use This Book

  1. Rights of the Individual
    We have the freedom of choice to be who we want and to do what we want
  2. Marriage and the Family
    Marriage can be between any two people
  3. Society and Toleration
    We’ll live in harmony if we tolerate the beliefs of others
  4. The Arts
    Art should break traditional norms
  5. Christians in Culture
    Christian beliefs are a private matter
  6. The Media
    Entertainment is a vehicle to help us fulfil personal desires
  7. Spirituality in Culture
    God accepts us as we are, and there are many ways to him


About the Author

End Notes

  • METTLE is an acronym for Men’s Elim Team Together for Learning Experiences. We are primarily (but not exclusively) businessmen from name Wellington name Elim type Church , who meet occasionally in the CBD to encourage each other in our daily walk with Jesus. This newsletter is our primary means of communication.  If you know of anyone who may benefit from these newsletters, you are welcome to forward them along. Similarly, if your circumstances are such that membership in this distribution list is no longer relevant, then hit reply and type UNSUBSCRIBE to have it removed.
  • METTLE has no affiliation with Telecom New Zealand Limited.
  • If you choose to respond to any item raised in this Newsletter, please indicate clearly which items you wish to remain Private, as any correspondence may be considered Public and could be published.
  • If this week’s newsletter has been of benefit to you, why not drop a line and say so.  Or better yet, visit the TVORNZ website to read past issues and add a comment!

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