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Hippolite Musings

The second of the “Science and Faith” seminars is on tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to this one. Last time, I approached it with an open mind and zero expectations, only to be disappointed by the compromise of scripture that was proffered as latest scientific discovery. This time, I will not be alone, and I will be prepared.

Praise Reports

  • South Dakota Abortion Law Goes Into Effect – This past Friday, a law mandating that South Dakota’s physicians tell all women seeking an abortion that they are "terminating the life of a whole separate, unique living human being" went into effect.
  • Myth of Consensus Explodes: APS Opens Global Warming Debate – The American Physical Society, an organization representing nearly 50,000 physicists, has reversed its stance on climate change and is now proclaiming that many of its members disbelieve in human-induced global warming. The APS is also sponsoring public debate on the validity of global warming science. The leadership of the society had previously called the evidence for global warming “incontrovertible.”

Prayer Requests

  • I have a bronchial infection.

Other News

  • Kids, Beware the Dark Knight – He may be known to many children as a comic book friend, but a Purdue University professor warns the new ‘Dark Knight’ Batman is a much more violent reincarnation of the classic character.
  • EVOLUTION – This hilarious animation takes a look at the evolution of the Christian experience, and is also a parody of Darwinian evolution. Received BEST ANIMATION AWARD at the WYSIWYG Christian Film Festival. <.li>
  • Antony Flew reviews — and rips — Dawkins’ THE GOD DELUSION – Antony Flew, formerly the most prominent atheist in the English speaking world, goes after Dawkins, his successor as head atheist.

Book Review


Absolute Power – The Helen Clark Years


The compelling unauthorised biography of a political machine…




Ian Wishart


Howling at the Moon Publishing, 2008






Independent political commentator and iconoclast Ian Wishart continues his searing examination of Helen Clark’s years in power.


I feel unclean. And it’s not because Ian’s done a particularly nasty hatchet-job on Helen. It’s because I live in a country that not only tolerates her, but continues to vote for her corruption.

Christians who continue to vote Labour after having their eyes opened by this book are not, in my opinion, fulfilling their obligations to their Lord to use their minds to inform their decisions. They are blindly assuming their adherence to the Social Gospel excuses the blatant abuses of power of this current regime.

I cannot more strongly put this: the constitutional damage Labour has perpetrated upon the New Zealand public is our own fault, for not holding Labour to the same level of accountability as the ordinary citizen.

That said, this book documents clearly the breaches and the cover-ups. The secular world doesn’t understand the concept of “evil” so use instead the term “corrupt” to convey the same thing.

Some of you may be surprised to hear a Christian speak so uncharitably of one of our leaders. After all, we are commanded to pray for our leaders and demonstrate servant hood in obeying those placed in leadership over us. To each of those points, I make the following remarks:

  • I have always prayed: “Lord, change their minds, or change them.”
  • This is not an election brochure: I’m not telling you who to vote for. I’m telling you who I won’t be voting for.
  • Central Government has a legitimate role. Dictating behaviours in the family home and in matters of family discipline is not one of them. It is an usurpation of power. We the people must reclaim that power. It was never legally ceded to the government. They have illegally confiscated that power.

Get the message out: the Empress must fall.



  1. “The Prime Minister Has No Recollection of the Pot”
  2. Finding the Rough in the Diamonds
  3. Helen’s Journey to the Dark Side
  4. The Rise and Fall of Howard Broad
  5. Parkergate: the Untold Story
  6. The Artful Dodger
  7. Hoist on Your Own Petard
  8. Labour’s Mafia Connections
  9. The Whipping-boy
  10. Crossfire: The Political Assassination of Madeleine Setchell
  11. Purple Heather
  12. “A Determined Little Devil of a Child”
  13. The Elephant in the Room
  14. Crocodile Tears: Playing the Victim Card
  15. The Peter Davis Incident
  16. The Velvet Revolution
  17. The Bold and the Dutiful: Clark’s Powerbase
  18. The Power of One
  19. The Rise of Queen Helen
  20. Index

End Notes:

  • METTLE is an acronym for Men’s Elim Team Together for Learning Experiences. We are primarily (but not exclusively) businessmen from Wellington Elim Church, who meet occasionally in the CBD to encourage each other in our daily walk with Jesus. This newsletter is our primary means of communication. If you know of anyone who may benefit from these newsletters, you are welcome to forward them along. Similarly, if your circumstances are such that membership in this distribution list is no longer relevant, then hit reply and type UNSUBSCRIBE to have it removed.
  • METTLE has no affiliation with Telecom New Zealand Limited
  • If this week’s newsletter has been of benefit to you, why not drop a line and say so. Or better yet, visit the TVORNZ website and add a comment!

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