What we did on our holiday (Part 3 of 5)

DSCF0001A spinning top like toy.
DSCF0006Hamish fooling around with Digital Camera.
DSCF0007Hamish’s treasured cap – gifted to him when he went with Eric Baker to the Transfield Family Picnic
DSCF0009Glamorous Mum.
DSCF0015From the sheepskin place.
my pictures 001Hamish
my pictures 002Nanna and Pops.
my pictures 003Packing to go – Aimee.
my pictures 004Hamish brought his rugby ball with him.
my pictures 005Pops
my pictures 006Hamish in Nanna and Pop’s car.  They had a really neat NavMan.
my pictures 007Friend Tommy brought his Konnex toy to church with him.
my pictures 008Up close.
my pictures 009Sarah and Rachel Dol
my pictures 010Paul and Nicola Dol.
my pictures 012Dominoes!
my pictures 014Mum!
my pictures 015Tommy Dol.
my pictures 016Mum looking pensive.
my pictures 019Nanna and Pops looking relaxed.
my pictures 021Aimee looking clean.
my pictures 022The Dol Family (sorry about the light)
my pictures 023Aimee and Pops.
my pictures 024Aimee and Nanna.
my pictures 027Hamish’s spnning top.
my pictures 029Caught Pops napping!

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