Good Friday service part 3

Tak Barna:

  • The fire of God in our lives
  • “Never be lacking in zeal.”
  • A challenge to lukewarm churches
  • “Running with Fire” – name of his TV and Radio programmes.



  • The greatest danger to the church is not antipathy, it’s apathy.  It lets the devil have his way
  • We don’t retire – we refire!
  • I want to mentor/disciple others, but I ain’t slowing down: they have to catch up!


How is your fire today?

  • 7/10
  • Move up


The Salvation Army:

  • “Blood and Fire”
  • William Booth’s last words: “Tend to the fire, for the fire tends to go out”


Signs of the End Times:

  • “the love of many will grow cold”


How do you keep the fire burning?

  1. Discover the gifts God put in you and tend to them.
  2. You’ve got to live a pure life.  Sin will quench the fire.  Stay holy (not legalistic but connected).  Don’t be afraid of repentance, that times of refreshing may come.  Acts 3:19
  3. Right speech, Ephesians 4:29-30.  Not tall poppy syndrome.  Edify.  Don’t bring division.
  4. Ask for the fire.  Then, watch out!  God may answer.  It’s powerful stuff.
  5. Fellowship with God’s people.  Don’t be a lone coal.  You won’t last.  “Me and Jesus alone at home” is not the same as “one another.”  The gospel is all about one another.  It’s the banana off the bunch that gets peeled.
  6. Right relationships.  Broken ones can’t coexist with the fire of God.
  7. Serving God.  You need to pour out, in order that He may pour in.  “He who waters shall receive water himself.”
  8. The fire of God falls on the altar of dedication and sacrifice.  He’ll show up when we humble ourselves.




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