Good Friday Service at Elim


  • Lead by Cheryl Soukotta
  • Hymn: There is a Redeemer



  • Served by over 50’s group
  • Prayed for by Stan Hewett (honorary Elder)


Message from Sergio Scataglini (via Internet)

  • Originally from Buenos Aires
  • Evangelist in Argentina
  • Author of “Fire of His Holiness”
  • (Thursday 20 March PM)


Wellington is:

  • 12th best city to live in the world
  • More cafes per head than New York!
  • Global Day of Prayer on May 11th.  This is exciting.  Don’t give it up.


The Word of God:

  • 1st Peter chapter 4: “Therefore, since Christ suffered in His body, arm yourselves also with the same attitude.”
  • Sergio: I come here today to encourage you.  You may think that at some points I come to depress you.  Hang in there. 
  • This entire chapter is about sanctification.
  • In a chapter about suffering, it talks about being “overjoyed”



(1) Arm yourself with the concept of suffering.  Make yourself prepared with the appropriate mental readiness.

  • The gospel comes with an element of suffering.  Be prepared.  Romans 12:12
  • Develop an attitude of willingness to endure suffering. 
  • Don’t go around looking for suffering, but expect it at some point.


(2) Just as diets can purify the body, so also suffering can purify the soul.

  • It helps you to identify with the suffering of others.  It increases your compassion.
  • If we teach you how to suffer, you will have a more victorious life.  You will never fall away from the gospel.
  • Hebrews 5:8, Jesus learned obedience through suffering.  We are not greater than Jesus.  We also will learn in the same way.


(3) Do not lose your honour with suffering.

  • John Wesley was attacked(?) but rejoiced that the manuscript of his next book was not destroyed.  A great attitude of gratitude.
  • William Booth, when all else failed, recommended “try tears”.  1st Peter 4:12. 
  • Keep strong, keep your honour in the midst of suffering.


(4) Accept suffering when it is according to God’s will:

  • Temporal suffering can save from eternal suffering (if it results in changed behaviours)
  • Let God run your life.  Let Him in charge.  He knows what He’s doing.
  • There is a kind of suffering that is good; it will purify you and


(5) Do not let suffering freeze your ministry

  • You will be tempted to give up.
  • v19, continue to do good
  • Develop faithfulness to the point, “I would rather die than quit.”  Then God can truly use you.


(6) Learn to combine suffering with Joy:

  • A strange combination.  E.g. Mate is Argentine national drink.  A strong green tea.  Very bitter, unless you combine it with sugar.
  • V12: do not be surprise at the pain you are suffering
  • V13: but be joyful


(7) Remember you are not alone:

  • If you are suffering, remember that others have been through it.  Call upon their experiences to give you strength.
  • People that have suffered, have a deep peace that we all need.
  • The consolation of the scriptures.  Don’t give up, don’t give in, don’t get bitter.  Trust God.



  • This Easter season should remind us to receive renewal
  • God not only permits suffering, but He knows how to rescue you also.



  • 2nd in size
  • The nation’s capital
  • Is capable of being hugely influential
  • Do not be intimated by the secularisation of the nation
  • The church will change the society




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