Elim Service 23 Dec 2007

Pastor Jeannie Knott

  • One Christmas Eve service at Town Hall tomorrow night
  • There will be no offering taken on the night, so that we may bless the nation


Matthew Powell

  • Isaiah 9:2,6,7
  •  “For unto us a child is born…”
  • An Old Testament prophecy of the coming of Jesus


Kara Sherwood

  • Luke 2:1-15
  • “I bring you good news of great joy…”
  • The New Testament fulfilment of the above prophecy


Others involved:

  • Gemma – Choreographer
  • Brad Dring – Rapture Ruckus
  • Cheryl – Song leader
  • Katie – Music score
  • Clarence – Project manager
  • Diana – Project team
  • Mitch – Project team
  • Daniel Bell – Up and coming Wellington artist


Jeannie interviews Tane (unprompted):

  • 10 years old
  • Favourite subject: history
  • What does Christmas mean to you?  It was when Jesus was born.
  • What’s your favourite part of the Christmas story?  It’s all good.
  • The wise men: an interesting part.  Unknown number of them arrived (3 gifts, maybe 3 men), took maybe up to 3 years to get there, so Jesus would not have been in the stable.
  • When Jeannie asked Tane would he like to be interviewed, Tane responded “he would pray about it”.
  • A great hit with the congregation


Jeannie reads:

  • “Jesus Christmas Party”
  • by Nicholas Allan
  • for James Hippolite
  • “Round the back”
  • Roots, constancy, tradition


Why did God choose shepherds?

  • There were people in Bethlehem who wouldn’t have been aware of the miracle.
  • Just like today.
  • Why did he choose: you, me, Mary?
  • We don’t know why, but nothing is impossible to Him.
  • Therefore, rejoice that He did choose you.
  • Our reaction should be like Mary’s: “let it be unto me as my Lord wills it.”  i.e. I am willing, “here I am, send me” (Isaiah).


Jeannie got a newsletter

  • 10 year old Alana
  • Has achieved marvellously at school this year
  • Elim was instrumental in preventing Alana being aborted!
  • You are part of a miracle
  • Preventing abortions: saving lives


Miracles in our midst

  • Local
    • Capital Care Heath Centre
    • Sharon – Newtown Park Flats
    • GAP – Guardian Angle Project
    • Sing & Jive 4 under 5
    • Ancient Paths
    • Harvest -07
    • Purely girls
    • Pulse & Raze Youth
  • National:
    • PowerZone Curriculum
    • Vertical Studios
    • Dying to Live
    • One At Christmas
  • International:
    • Magnify – music
    • Rapture Ruckus
    • Operation Friendship
    • On the Mission Field
    • Global Day of Prayer
    • Breakthrough Prayer: Unity Commands a Blessings


The Saviour’s Day

  • by Cliff Richard
  • “He is calling you…”


In conclusion

  • You’ve come out of some tough things.  You might even feel you’re still in the forest.  This is a fresh day.  Don’t ever be robbed of your hope.  The Holy Spirit is encouraging you.  Urging you to keep going.  God’s with you. 
  • You will be with non-Christians this break.  You will have divine opportunities to start miracle seeds at this time.  Stay alert.
  • “All the time” he is with you; God is moving;




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