Hippolite Musings:

I found another scientist against Global Warming alarmism.  This time, he’s an Australian evolutionist, so he uses their own old-Earth arguments against them.  (This is kind of like using lies to counteract more lies, but for those unwilling to believe the Bible, it might work.)  It’s a YouTube video presentation, part 1 of 5 is available here.

I had to laugh, when I read a report that “Maori may benefit from green-house gas-eating microbe found in Rotorua.”  Apparently we’re poised to claim copyright on a methane consuming bug.  Personally, I don’t want to make money off global warming, but neither do I want any of my tax dollars spent combating it.  If the idiots can work out a quid-pro-quo, I’d be happy.

And finally this week, I was disappointed to discover one of my heroes, Dinesh D’Souza, an excellent Christian apologist and debater, is also an evolutionist.  Watch him here demolishing Atheistic arguments that “God is a man made invention,” then totally undermine his own authority by accepting the evolutionary time-frame.

What’s the Difference?

…between an Evolutionist vs. Creationist interpretation

See answer below.

Praise Reports:

  • ·         Wayne Robinson is planning on setting up a table (collecting signatures for the petition to force a referendum on Smacking at the next election) in Manners/Cuba Mall this coming Saturday 10.00am – 2.00pm, weather permitting.  He wants to take advantage of the Christmas pedestrian traffic in the area.  Would you be available to help?  Maybe not for all the time but certainly a good proportion of it?  If so, please contact him directly.
    Praise God that there are Christian brothers willing to shoulder the load to restore righteousness to our land.
  • ·         Hands off Christmas, say British religious leaders – Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims joined Britain’s equality watchdog in urging Britons to enjoy Christmas without worrying about offending non-Christians.
    At last!  Some Good News at Christmas.
  • ·         Historic Californian church split over gays –  An entire California diocese of the US Episcopal Church has voted to secede in a historic split following years of disagreement over the church’s expanding support for gay and women’s rights.
    If, like me, you were not raised understanding church history, the Episcopal Church is the US version of the Anglican denomination.  The Book of Revelation gives us many signs of the time just before Jesus returns.  One of those signs is that His church will be a spotless bride.  Prior to that time, therefore, it seems reasonable that there would be a time of cleansing of false doctrine.  I believe liberal theology (of which gay rights is just one plank) will be one of the casualties of this period of cleansing.  Go the Anglicans!

Prayer Requests:

  • ·         Abe & whanau all left for Morrinsville as his mum has been told that they can’t do any more 4 her. Please keep them in prayer.
  • ·         Dad argues for right to hit son – A Nelson father charged with assaulting his son, in one of the region’s first prosecutions under a controversial new child discipline law, says he is prepared to go to jail for his right as a parent and a Christian to hit his child.
    Let’s pray this historic court case is heard by a sympathetic judge, who stands up to this stupid law and issues a merciful judgement that nullifies the worse of its intent through it vague stipulations to effect a beneficial outcome.
  • ·         Boy gives teacher black eye, blood nose – Teachers are calling for Government action after three attacks by pupils at a Cambridge school.
    For those of us on the political right, this outcome was a natural consequence of removing parental (and schools as loco parentis) right to physically discipline children.  For those on the left (as espoused in this article) the solution is more government funding and intervention.  Crazy.  Let’s pray out nation manages to fight its way out of the woolly liberal agenda and back to reality.
  • ·         Christian biologist fired for beliefs, suit says – A Christian biologist is suing the prestigious Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, claiming he was fired for refusing to accept evolution, lawyers involved in the case said.
    There has been a bit of blog traffic on this issue.  The point is, at what point does your personal beliefs impact your professional performance?  Clinton got away with an affair.  Should a scientist be allowed to remain, whom doesn’t believe Darwin?  Can you be a good biologist and not believe in evolution?  My answer is a resounding “yes, in fact that makes you a better scientist, because you’ve evaluated the evidence for yourself and gone against public opinion with the strength of your convictions.”  Let’s pray that this case is a turning of the tide against Darwinism.

Other News:

  • ·         Zealous officials stop innocent travellers – Airport officials have been rapped over the knuckles by the Privacy Commissioner for stopping innocent travellers on suspicion that they might have unpaid fines or court-ordered reparations.
    This just caught my eye as government officials, taking their cue from their political masters, are not afraid to interfere in the lives of ordinary, innocent John Q. Public.  They work for us, not the other way around.  They should be afraid of losing their jobs (public servants and politicians) for overstepping their boundaries.
  • ·         Foster parents found guilty of abusing kids – Two foster parents have been found guilty of assaulting two sisters in their care, including hitting one in the face with a baseball bat.
    Once again, it is proved that the safest place for children is in their own home with their own two biological parents.  The Bible is correct that blended families are second best, if that.  If you’re contemplating divorce: DON’T!
  • ·         Jonah Lomu taking ‘time out’ from marriage – Former All Black Jonah Lomu and his wife Fiona have denied reports that their marriage is over and have released a statement saying they are trying to make their relationship work.
    This is sad.  The world says, “Take time out to assess your personal needs.”  The Bible says “don’t let the sun go down on an argument.”  These are two mutually exclusive positions.  The Bible also says, “If you’ve offended your brother [or spouse], then don’t even think about praising God until you’ve righted the situation.”  Guess what?  The Bible’s method works 100% of the time, in 100% of situations throughout all time and history.  If you’re contemplating a trial separation: DON’T!
  • ·          Real men don’t drink low-fat milk – nutrition study – Real men don’t drink low-fat milk, says a Massey University researcher.
    This just caught my eye as an interesting piece of fluff..  Personally, I can’t stand that watery stuff.  Give me full cream (silver top) any day.

One thought on “METTLE Weekly”

  1. Hi James.
    Why so down on Global Warming? Isn\’t it Biblical? Doesn\’t it say in Revelation that the world will be consumed by fire? Sounds pretty warm to me! 😉
    The local Christians here [editor\’s note: Rick is in Oz] all seem to be in favour of treating climate change as a serious problem. Being in the middle of a multi-year really bad drought probably focuses their attention just a little bit. :-/
    As for the conservative Anglicans, my understanding is that it is the African Bishops who are the most conservative, and that the Americans were the most liberal. Perhaps this is more a case of the locals getting sick of what other locals are up to, than a split with the mainline per se. Ordination of women (and/or the lack thereof) is still a hot topic in Australia for instance.
    The local church scene is interesting, because there seems to be a lot of \’shuffling\’ of people around between the denominations. Normally (in Pentecostal circles anyway) this would get slammed as a form of church hopping, almost as heinous a sin as smoking (being Australia, they all drink like fish. Sorry, feeesh. So drinking isn\’t regarded as a sin by most over here). But there doesn\’t seem to be the same kind of bitterness that I normally associate with "church-hopping". And the various denominations all seem to work together fairly amicably, having regular "combined" services which they share around (where "regular" is the fifth Sunday of every month which has five Sundays or something like that). And they co-operate to put on things like Christmas carols and Easter services on the village green (where "green" is a theoretical thing).


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