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Tax ‘not why Kiwis are leaving’, says Cullen – Finance Minister Michael Cullen has poured cold water on the prospect of tax cuts arresting the exodus of Kiwis across the Tasman. View video.  

As usual, the Father of Lies (Satan, not Cullen) tells us half truths in order to sell his brand of poison.  Not only is NZ amongst the top over-taxed nations in the world (38% Income + 12.5% GST = 50% of your income funds these lunatics.  Not to mention the over 50% tax on petrol that also goes into the consolidated slush fund); but also it is fundamentally communist now as confirmed in their last few announcements: 

  • It is now illegal for Sunday Schools to operate without a (State indoctrinated) qualified teacher.
  • It is now illegal for Christian parents to raise their own children with a higher level of discipline, order, respect and morals than the prevailing society.  Of course, we may choose to obey the laws of the land and refrain from smacking as merely one form of discipline, but Heaven help you if you attempt any other form of discipline.  It is explicitly verboten in the new Act!
  • Charities may not advocate any political agenda.  There goes Freedom of Speech.  What did the Exclusive Brethren actually do wrong?  They used their own money to highlight issues of concern to them.  They didn’t say “Vote National” or “Vote Act”.  Why is that wrong?  Because they explicitly said “Don’t vote Labour” and “Don’t vote Greens.”

Praise Reports

  • Bryan T. reports a very successful field trip to Picton by Moriah School (Wellington’s own [and only?] Jewish school).  “In breaking news we can exclusively report that the year 5 and 6 class of Moriah School received a warm welcome when they arrived in Picton on Tuesday morning. Led by their fearless principal and including our embedded reporter, the class stepped forth into unknown adventure on the high seas. The trip started in dramatic fashion with the class moving swiftly to claim the port side seating on the Bluebridge ship, Santa Regina. The trip was pleasantly calm for this time of year, and the sunshine was enjoyed by many of the passengers. A warm welcome was extended on arrival at the Picton Lodge. Normally a quiet backpackers, it was enlivened some what by the invasion of 12 children, 2 teachers, and 3 parents. A quick lunch was followed by a visit to the Seahorse World Aquarium. The highlight was the squeals of delight from children picking up crabs, without being nipped. Expert training was given by the teacher. In a rare move, a 1 day old tiger shark was on display. No longer than your hand this normally deadly creature was on display for all to see. With our appetites beginning to bite, it was time for afternoon tea and a spot of fishing. A bit of local knowledge came in handy in finding an excellent fishing spot. The Kawhai (ed: kahawai?) were running and could be seen below the wharf. They proved difficult to catch, but one pupil, Jonah (yes, that’s his name!) proved worthy of the challenge and pulled in a 25cm sample. We returned the fish to the ocean with due ceremony and walked back to our lodgings for dinner and a sleep. The next morning we walked to Picton school where we were given a warm welcome by the teachers and pupils. The children enjoyed singing and playing together. We then walked back to our lodgings and collected our gear for the return trip. The sun was warm and the legs were red. A very warm memory for everyone.”
  • Ads pulled from explicit show – Pressure from a Christian lobby group is causing companies to pull their advertisements from a controversial TV3 show.  This is a welcome addendum to my post last week about this particular show.  I received some small amount of flack for my apparent “leave ‘em to it” approach.  I’m certainly glad that some people are prepared to tackle this issue head-on.
  • UN watchdog report suggests progress on Iran – A crucial United Nations watchdog report is likely to say that Iran has improved cooperation with a long-running inquiry into shadowy atomic work, but diplomats say it may not be enough to answer any key questions.

Prayer Requests

  • Several marriages in our church are under attack.  Pray for compassion, reconciliation, healing and understanding.  On a personal note, I can understand (though never experienced) the frustration that many men feel when their wives continually express a desire for “more.”  This culture’s self-focus is destructive to harmonious marriage.  If you’re seeking a way out, I’m more than willing to lend a sympathetic ear, before turning you around and back to your wife!
  • The petition to force a referendum on the disastrous Sue Bradford repeal of Section 59 Crimes Act (which gave parents the right to use reasonable force for the purpose of discipline) has reached 216,251.  It needs 300,000.  Join Unity for Liberty to get the job done.  Here’s an example of the harm that was predicted and has come true, for a mother who originally was for the Bill.
  • Crime gangs target British churches for heavy metal – For years, Britain’s clergy have worried about falling church attendance. Now they’re worried about a group who turn up too often: thieves.

Other News:

  • Last Chance this Year to Apply for Grants – The next round of Wellington City Council grants are upon us. Not-for-profit community groups and organisations are urged to get their applications in by the end of the month.
  • Beckham to host kids’ training camp – Football superstar David Beckham and his LA Galaxy team will hold a free public training session on November 30 – the day before their match against Wellington Phoenix.
  • UK Kids Get RFID Chips – Ten schoolchildren in the United Kingdom are being tracked by RFID chips in their school uniforms as part of a pilot program. Video surveillance is already commonplace in the United Kingdom, and a growing number of schoolchildren are fingerprinted for administrative and security reasons. Since 2001, nearly 6,000 pupils have been fingerprinted in the United Kingdom with 20 new schools embracing the practice every week.

End Credits

  • METTLE is an acronym for Men’s Elim Team Together for Learning Experiences. We are primarily (but not exclusively) businessmen from Wellington Elim Church, who meet occasionally in the CBD to encourage each other in our daily walk with Jesus. This newsletter is our primary means of communication.  If you know of anyone who may benefit from these newsletters, you are welcome to forward them along. Similarly, if your circumstances are such that membership in this distribution list is no longer relevant, then hit reply and type UNSUBSCRIBE to have it removed.
  • METTLE has no affiliation with Telecom New Zealand Limited


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