Genesis History or Long Age Myths

Genesis History? or Long Age Myths?

  • Adrian Bates
  • Creation Ministries International (NZ)
  • (formerly Answers in Genesis)
  • St. Hilda’s Anglican Church Island Bay Wellington
  • Creation Magazine (Quarterly)



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The fundamental problem:

  • Our beliefs colour our world view
  • Our world view informs our beliefs
  • Creation: God’s Word is Truth
  • Evolution: Man decides “Truth”
  • We share the same evidence
  • What differs is our interpretation of the evidence


Mary Schweitzer’s Dangerous Discovery!

  • T-Rex Dino tissue
  • Her findings were rejected because it doesn’t fit the evolutionary time-frame


Biblical Interpretation of biology:

  • Dinosaurs were just another land animal created on the sixth day
  • Co-existed with Man
  • Young ones (small in size) of certain types (diversity of species) taken on the ark
  • Rest of them perished in the flood to make fossils
  • Most species died out in the post-flood ice age
  • Are recorded in the Bible as Dragons


2 forms of scientific enquiry:

  • Experimental (for present processes)
  • Historical (for past processes)


Historical enquiry requires:

  • an eye witness
  • we have God’s Word


Biblical Interpretation of geology:

  • Grand Canyon and others like it were either created by little water over long period (uniformitarianism) or lots of water over little period (catastrophism).
  • Implication of belief in millions of years: death, pain, killing, disease, thorns, struggle, suffering, extinction.
  • Hebrew does not make possible any vague interpretation of “6 days of creation”.  Literal is only honest interpretation.
  • Exodus 20:11 backs it up and makes it even more explicit.


Unsatisfactory reinterpretations of Genesis:

  • Local flood
  • Theistic evolution
  • Day age
  • Progressive creation
  • Gap theory


If God is Love, where does death come from?

  • Sin entered the world through one man and death through sin, and in this way death came to all men – because all men sinned.
  • Romans 5:12
  • Far better interpretation of fossil record is Noah’s flood


Radiometric dating problems (e.g. Uranium to Lead):

  • Any gained?
  • Starting amount?
  • Any lost?
  • Rate?
  • Etc…




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