Hippolite Musings

As promised last time, here are my thoughts on the Green self-fulfilling prophecy of “Peak Oil”.  But first, I must state for the record that I do not irrationally hate all things “environmentalist.”  I believe a correct interpretation of the Biblical mandate to establish dominion over all the Earth must incorporate some level of good stewardship, including some rational conservationism.  However, the tree-hugging, Gaia-worshipping which puts the creation above the Creator is obviously wrong.  So somewhere in the middle is the Truth.  


I don’t pretend to know everything, but this I know: New Zealand was scheduled to start oil exploration around the bottom of the South Island.  However, the government’s new “Climate Change” agenda will probably cause that exploration to be given the kibosh.  Hence, with less exploration, will inevitably come less supply, thus leading to the predicted peak oil.  It’s not rocket science.



Next Week: What interests you?  Let me know.  I’m bound to have an opinion!  If not, I’ll find out about it.

Praise Reports

Nobody had any praise to report this week.

Prayer Requests

Same people need prayer as last week.

Other News

  • “If it takes a community to raise a child, how should we address Youth Crime?”  There is an interactive forum planned for Nov 6 in Upper Hutt around this subject.
  • St. Hilda’s Anglican Church is hosting Adrian Bates from Creation Ministries International on Friday 9th November.  Adrian will be presenting on the topic “Genesis History or Long Age Myths.”




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