Weekend of October 6-7


did something cute this weekend, worthy of mentioning. 
We have a roll of labels with our contact information for our books, DVDs etc for our extensive home library, which we sometimes lend out.  Aimée (nearly six), who has always been into stickers, took one without permission and stuck in onto the front of her dress.  When asked why she took it, she said "I belong to you Dad, and Mum."


continues to be our smiley child.  At eight years old, he has just made a decision to follow Jesus!  We will continue to assess whether he genuinely means it, and enrol him for baptism classes soon if necessary.


is growing into a fine young man (10).  This weekend he mowed all three lawns by himself.  Yippee (one less job for Dad)!
This past week was school holidays, which normally doesn’t mean much to us, since we home school, but this time we enrolled the kids into a holiday programme.  They loved it, but it also meant that I had to leave work early to pick them up (since the programme was in town).  On Monday 1 October, Tane had an osteo appointment (the orthodontist, of all people, diagnosed incorrect posture.  This is coming right now).  At the osteo, we were waiting for our appointment, and I was reading a trashy women’s magazine.  Tane looked up, saw what was on the reverse side, recognized that it was indecent, and queried me, "should you be reading that, Dad?"  I immediately reassured him that I was reading the article on the front, and not oggling the girls on the reverse, but later I congratulated him for helping me to remain pure.

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