New Blogs


I have altered my blog space; you may be interested:





Hippolite Album

Innocuous, family friendly photos

Computer James

A Space for All Things .NET Related.  My technical and career space.

The Voice of Reason NZ

My political and religious thoughts.  Bound to be something to offend everyone.





2 thoughts on “New Blogs”

  1. From: Rahui KateneSent: Thursday, 13 September 2007 8:56 p.m.To: James HippoliteSubject: RE: New Blogs
    hi, just to let you now i\’ve left my job, so please change my email address to {snip}how\’s things going with your whanau?Rahui


  2. Kiaora Ra,
    Really?  I hadn’t heard.  What are you doing now?
    Whanau is busy:

    Fiona is on the Wellington Home Schooling Committee which is having its AGM today.
    Tane and Hamish are busy rehearsing for a drama production on Saturday night.
    All three kids had their final gymnastics meet yesterday.
    Tane is also in a church play being videoed Saturday morning.
    I just passed an exam on Tuesday.
    Fiona also is a budget advisor, which had their annual get together on Tuesday night.
    Family night is Thursday nights.


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