Elim Sunday Service – 9 Sep 2007

Rob & Fiona Reid

  • Going to Turkey to visit Charles & Rebecca de Berger
  • Going to Mozambique to visit Mark & Julia Mitchell
  • Going to Singapore to meet John and Mary Elliot from World Vision


Kevin & Jeh Seh (Jessie) Chan

  • Going to the field for a year of preparation
  • Time with missions and missions agencies around Asia


John & Mary Elliot

International Directors of World Outreach

  • Left Wellington 1984
  • Based in Singapore


World Outreach

  • Touching Lives: Changing Nations
  • Since 1932


Personal Note:

·         I would prefer World Outreach in the role of United Nations

·         Faith-based policies, especially Christian ones, are infinitely superior to the current political squabbling.


Taking Steps of Faith

  • Have been comfortable for a while
  • Recently been challenged


Genesis 12:1-3

  • Faith is restless; it is never stagnant.  It is always moving forward. 
  • You have to make a choice: you can respond or not.
  • Faith is given so that we are always moving.


1.                  The call to ministry (Hebrews 11)

·                     It’s not about me.

·                     It’s about people coming together for God’s shared purpose.

2.                  God’s promises (Romans 4:20)

  • Abraham was persuaded that God had the power to do what was required.
  • It’s a promise; you can hang you hat on it.

3.                  There is a purpose to the faith

  • Faith is given to us to embrace the plan of God.
  • Get involved in the plan of God, and watch the miracles flow

4.                  Provision

  • Don’t expect any
  • There are no promises


Editor’s Note:

  • John went off on a huge tangent (life application example) of his experience with an illiterate (Asian?) village who told him great and wonderful things that have and haven’t happened.  (Miracle of prophecy)
  • Like they had a vision 8 years earlier about 3 white men in a red and white van arriving with the blessing of God.  That’s was John!



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