Minutes of Elim Leaders Meeting Thursday 12 July

Fergus & Judith McIntyre


Tell us what’s been happening to you?

  • Last year a lot of supernatural events happened
  • I restored 2 cancer patients.
  • Saw a lot of allergies get healed e.g. North Carolina’s pastor’s wife & Worship director.
  • Fergus had threat of prostate cancer – went away by lifting level of prayer (took off watch and prayed in tongues)
  • He felt fear – which surprised him because it meant he didn’t have Perfect Love
  • So, if the problem was caused at a certain level, then fixing the problem will not be solved at the same level.


Did you feel “speaking in tongues” was for that moment only?

  • No, it’s a new, permanent level
  • To me, I think God is in a process of bringing about a revelation of our inheritance.
  • If the church is honest, we haven’t arrived yet
  • I was frustrated in the early 70’s in NZ.  I was happy to leave.
  • You can’t intellectualise revelation.
  • As New Zealanders, we are conservative
  • We don’t want to be weird
  • But when has the mind the capacity to understand spiritual things?
  • I think I’m here now for your people, to assist you to move to a deeper level


Are you aware of a spiritual shift?

  • Australian Christian Media asked him the same question
  • Initially he thought “I haven’t got a clue”
  • Subsequently he thinks there has been an emphasis on leadership vs. ministry
  • In the (recent) past ministry has been marginalised
  • I feel the shift is back to ascension gift ministry (the five fold ministry)
  • The church has to shift from being entertained by great preaching, to take up its responsibility of ministry
  • It’s more than learning: if learning was going to do it, we would have done it.
  • Don’t misunderstand: thank goodness for sound theology.
  • But theology is not the light
  • In the 80’s Phil pioneered Christian music
  • In the 90’s Brian pioneered mega church
  • What’s next?


In terms of this transition, for the people here tonight, how do we begin to break into the supernatural zone?

  • I’m glad you asked
  • In the West, we have over-intellectualised
  • On 20 Jan 1995 @ 10:00am, God visited me.  Pastor Phil had previously asked me to be an itinerant preacher.  God said “release your church; empower my people”
  • You can travel at the speed of information, or the speed of revelation.  The latter is faster.
  • In 1999, I was going to pray for healing, when I realised I was to release somebody else to do it.
  • “What I have, I can release.  If I don’t have it, I can’t release it.  But if I have it, then I can give it to you.  Be healed.”
  • If you are leaders, your purpose is to empower people
  • I’m not here because I need more meetings
  • We have to get over our false humility
  • Most of us are living with a reflux of the holiness movement of the past
  • We seem to be apologising for any sign of arrogance


A question to assist you:

  • If God was a feeling inside, what would it be?   E.g. “God is love.”
  • What is the revelation of God inside your heart? 
  • Until we get the church living from the heart, we limit it. 
  • We connect with God through the revelation of God. 
  • David said, his whole being, when he got into worship, was imbued with presence of God.
  • We have to discipline ourselves to be both a spirit kind of person and an intelligent kind of person.


We need to burn new neurons to live a different way

  • We have to think spiritual, speak secular to the world
  • As leaders, your job is to change the atmosphere around your people
  • If you change the atmosphere, you change people
  • E.g. “God is big”.  Did you notice how the environment changed when you say that?
  • We can’t be experts in everything.
  • Just live out of your revelation, and you’ll start to hit some things
  • You are wired the way God is wired.  You’ve got His DNA in you.  Once you realise this, you won’t live the same way.
  • I haven’t quoted chapter and verse, but you can feel that coming out of me, because it’s coming from my spirit


Your mind is an enemy of your spirit.  Don’t try to intellectualise what comes from the Spirit.

  • Your uniqueness is your best deal
  • I could teach all day on the prophetic, and you would go home with a head full of knowledge.  But if I lay the prophetic spirit upon you, then you will go on to do it.
  • God wants a prophetic church, not individual prophets roaming around
  • Realise you are a carrier of the spirit of God
  • One guy’s revelation of God is Love; for another, the Prophetic; another Faith, etc.
  • Minister from your strength, your revelation
  • Don’t send people to the wrong people.  Send your people who lack to the leader who has got that strength


Music has a rhythm

  • The Spirit has a rhythm
  • Impart the spirit in the rhythm He has given you
  • Engage your heart with the heart of God and the heart of the one being ministered upon


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