Baptism of Shannon Reynolds

The Reynolds are home-school friends.  Shannon (a couple of years older than my eldest) got baptised on Sunday.  She gave a beautiful testimony about why she has chosen to follow the example of Christ in getting baptised.

It took me back 15 years to my own baptism.  I recall going down into the warm water (we don’t do many things the hard way in New Zealand) and coming back up, feeling completely warm inside and out.

After the church service, there was a chance of family and friends to gather around food.  Unfortunately my family had to leave to attend another meeting (the subject of a different post perhaps) and couldn’t stay very long.

However, I was able to give Shannon these words which may be from the Lord (I don’t claim to speak for Him, but sometimes He may choose to speak through me):

“Shannon, obedience is its own reward; however, you should expect to see many happy consequences as a result of your step of faith today.”


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