Vision Sunday – You Rock!

Vision Sunday


List of heaps of rocks in the Bible:

  • Genesis 8:20-9:17, Noah and the rainbow.  Promise of salvation.
  • Genesis 12:6-8, Abraham at Bethel (House of God). 
  • Genesis 22:9-18, offering of Isaac.  Act of obedience.
  • Genesis 26:23-25, Isaac the well digger.  These three things we should do also:
    • Build an alter = remember God
    • Set up camp = make roots
    • Dig a well = improve the area
  • Genesis 28:10-22, Jacob’s ladder.
  • Genesis 35:1-15, Jacob has a name change, from Heel to God-wrestler.
  • Matthew 16:18, Church on the Rock (Jesus is the rock)
  • Ephesians 2:19-22, (we are) Rocks in a temple
  • 1 Peter2:4-5, (we are) Living Stones



  • Grab a rock
  • Who are we believing will be a new living rock in the temple of the Lord this year?



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