CIR Update no 11

From: Larry Baldock []
Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2007 10:03 PM
To: CIRPetition
Subject: CIR Update no 11

Update no 11

The new law prohibiting the use of force for the purposes of correction by any parent, or person in the place of a parent, will come into force on June 21st.


The only thing standing in our way of a referendum to get this law repealed is our own apathy.

If you read the story below you will see that there is still an overwhelming majority of kiwis who want to sign the petition.


Running Total Update

In Update no 8 at the beginning of May I said our goal was to be well over 200,000 by the end of May.

Well today is the last day of May and our total is 189,649


Please send in everything you have by the end of Queens Birthday weekend to make sure we have passed the 200,000 milestone by then. If you have some sheets out at different shops or other locations, could you please get around and collect them up this week.

The shock announcement of the amendment and Nationals decision to support the bill may have caused a pause on some of your activity, but despite this we have still added 25,000 for this month. With still 9 months to collect the remaining signatures we would need to average around 15,000 per month.

I don’t know about you but I would rather work harder now and finish it sooner.


Our goal for June should be 50,000. That’s only an average of 50 signatures each. Come on we can do it!

There are more than enough on this data base, not to mention the other data bases that forward this email to even more recipients, to make it possible to achieve our targets and complete our task.



Some stories and articles


Barbara and I have been in Gisborne and Napier and briefly in Taupo this week. While we were delayed on the highway because of an accident between Wairoa and Napier,  Barbara jumped out of our car and  began asking the people in the vehicles that were in the queue if they wanted to sign the petitions.  Everyone asked said yes, certainly! Again while I was in a meeting in the commercial area of Taupo she went around the businesses and collected 18 signatures in about 15-20 minutes.

This convinces us that  there are still plenty of people who willing sign the petition if we can give them the opportunity.


Our Congratulations go this week to Andy Moore who has been organising a small team to work in Christchurch on Saturday mornings at the netball courts. He has collected more than a thousand in 3 weeks of activity just for a few hours on a Saturday. If you can help this Saturday or any Saturday pls contact Andy at 0211140751.


This Saturday we will be out at Blake Park in Mt  Maunganui to collect amongst the netball, rugby and hockey spectators.  All welcome. Pls call us on 5430600 if you can help.

BE A GOOD SPORT – Collect Signatures This Saturday at your local Sports Field


Some ideas

Unfortunately we have been denied permission to collect signatures outside the gates at Mystery Creek for the field days starting June 13th. We can work inside if we are able to connect with any other sites, so if anyone has any ideas, or friends with displays please let me know. Disapointed!!



Amazing Grace: The Movie.

There is a fantastic move about to come out in the theatres in New Zealand called Amazing Grace. It is the true story of William Wilberforce and his life struggle in the English Parliament to abolish slavery. He also collected signatures for a petition from the people. This is a story that can motivate us all and put fresh energy in our hearts.


We are able to arrange pre release showings of the film during June and July, so if you would be interested in helping me to arrange those in your town or city, please reply and I will contact you with more details.


Enjoy the weekend!







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