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From: Larry Baldock []
Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2007 11:27 AM
To: CIRPetition
Subject: CIR News


Hi everyone, It is hard to accept that a bill apposed by 80% of the country is passed by almost 95% of the elected MP’s in Parliament.

You will have probably heard the news about Gordon Copeland and I resigning from United Future to form and co-lead a new party. I do not wish to misuse my contact with you in regard to the petition by saying too much about this political development without first giving you the opportunity to advise that you wish to hear more about our plans.

Can I therefore simply ask you to email me your interest in receiving further information about this and I will construct a separate contact list for that and in future will keep this list for discussion and information about the petitions.


I must say I am relying on your ongoing support to complete the task.


We must force a referendum.


Could I please ask any of you who have the petition forms on your websites to replace the former 3 docs with just this single pdf file now.


I have abbreviated the FAQ’s and instructions and updated the information in regard to the final form of what is now known as the Crimes (substituted Sec 59) Amendment Act due to become law later in June.


This document is also now in a better format for you to forward to your email contacts with a personal note from yourself asking them to print the forms and sign the petition and also forward the pdf file on to all their contacts with a personal note as well. We could collect a lot of signatures this way even if people do not take the form out and collect signatures but simply have their family members over 18 sign and then send it in.


Would you please consider doing this.









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