CIR Update no 10

From: Larry Baldock []
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2007 9:22 AM
To: CIRPetition
Subject: CIR Update no 10

Hi everyone once again. The weeks go by very quickly.

Due to some of our volunteers being away on other volunteer duties and Barbara and I being down in Christchurch over the weekend, I do not have an accurate update in terms of numbers for you this week. I am sure we have passed the 180,000 mark but will give you the correct tally later in the week.

Now that we have clarified our legal responsibility under the CIR Act in regards to advertising, Bob McCoskrie is giving the support of Familyfirst again this week to place full page adds with the petition included, in the four major Newspapers on Wednesday.

It would be helpful if some of you could ring talk back radio and mention that as much as possible on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning.

We will still have some room left in our total allowance for advertising under the CIR Act for a few more smaller regional or local papers to carry the add so those of you who had contacted me about the possibility already, or others who might be able to raise the money locally to cover the cost please contact me for the Add and instructions.  We are still receiving some of the petitions cut out from the papers on March 28th so it is worthwhile.

In Christchurch on Saturday we were able to go out to Hadley Park and the Mall as part of an organised effort by Andrew Moore along with his Mum and Dad and younger brother. What a brilliant day we had. Any questions anyone might have about whether people were still keen to sign both petitions were answered by the resulting  488 & 471 signatures for the two petitions respectively.

The response at the netball at Hadley park was particularly encouraging and confirms what someone emailed me about this week when they wrote, “Another good place to collect signatures – the kids sports (but not during a game!), practice and before/after the game.”

It is important to set up a table if possible with good clear signs saying “oppose Sue Bradford’s Bill, sign the petition, demand a referendum.”

You may need to check whether permission is needed either from the council or the sports association, but if you are not interfering in any way with the running of the sports, and not interrupting the viewing or coaching of games, there shouldn’t be a problem.

The beauty of the signs and table is that people will then approach you when they are free to do so.

Another comment this week was…

“Talking with BJ Whitaker from Kapiti Coast he said how single handedly he has got his 800 plus signatures by parking a small table outside the Post Office with a sign leaning on each side of the table "Say NO to Bradford’s Bill".  If you come across motivated people who can get the table and signs set up then they should try to find a group of ladies and men to do a roster.  We need to be seeing how we can get more people on board to get the job done and make it as simple as possible for them.  The keen ones need to work smart – if they do all the work – get the table set up, get the forms and people just need to turn up for an hour with a partner – people may come out – and double or triple the number that one person can put in.”  

This emphasises the value of working in teams. If you are interested in getting in contact with others from your area to discuss plans send me an email and I can put you in touch with each other.

I will send another report after the bill has its final vote on Wednesday with a new attachment containing updated FAQ’s and information plus the petition forms all in one document for easier emailing to contacts.

And Finally a reminder to those in Christchurch that we will have a meeting tonight at Grace Vineyard, 150 Ferry Road, at 7pm.  We should finish easily by 8pm. Barbara and I hope we can meet you there.




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