Elim AGM 2006

Tuesday 8 May 2007

Here are my minutes of the recent Elim Church AGM.

Tuesday 8 May 2007

Wellington Elim International Church

AGM 2006

(For the twelve months ended 31 December)

19:30 Mike opened in prayer

19:32 Minutes of last meeting (Mike)

  • Held Tuesday 30 May 2006
  • These were projected
  • When comment was made from the audience about the speed of the presentation, Mike made some remarks about “read faster”.

19:33 Apologies (Mike)

  • were read and
  • appended to

19:34 AGM magazine (Mike)

  • We are a unique church, with a special call, doing our own thing (page 1)
  • New ministries e.g. New Generation (page 11)
  • Men’s ministry – under construction (page 15)
  • Living Room – great success (page 16)

19:42 Financial Report (Rob)

  • Still over $1M income (just)
  • This is a desirable area – positively affects our valuation.  Our assets have increased from $4M to $6M
  • Giving to missions appears to be less for the year, but in reality people paid for their own tickets without going through the church.
  • Men’s ministry made a surplus, women’s ministry cost heaps
  • Next year (new NZ compliance with international standards) will require the report to account for volunteer component.
  • Aaron accepted & Andrew Pratley seconded

19:50 Building (Rob)

  • Stage 2 Development
    • In front of existing auditorium
    • Have retained an urban planner
    • Getting resource consent for stage 2 & 3 in one hit
    • 4 level building (same height as new auditorium)
    • Dream is to start construction this year
  • Stage 3 Development
    • New auditorium
  • Studio 6 purchase and development
    • The Church bought this 15 Feb 2007 for $1.3M.  Rob appreciates the trust that was involved in getting agreement to do this so quickly.
    • Vision:
      • Community facility – 1000 people per week using this venue
      • Investment Vehicle – develop / sell and invest $ in new Auditorium
    • Orange Box (former tenant) left early
    • Will make a projected NETT loss of $57,000.  Why?  Expect to make more on resale.


20:07: What else is happening?

  • Andrew Weatherly brought on (staff?) February this year to start up child care centre.  4th floor and roof.  50 places.  Open as soon as possible after building built.  Council grants to develop new Child Care Centres.  Vision to influence children.  Open to the community.  Strong Christian influence.  Good quality care.
  • Vertical Studios – Sean Anderson sound engineer.  Brought on-board to upgrade sound system at Elim and Vertical.  Facilities to cut records and provide digital versions too.  Build a profitable distribution model.  Also, streaming of live “gigs” e.g. preaching to Argentina.  Outreach via making studio available to non-Christian artists.
  • Internet Broadcasting – Chris Slaughter.  E.g. Rapture Ruckus can do an on-line concert and put it on YouTube, called Digital Bridges.  Extends reach.
  • Rapture Ruckus – Brad Dring is going to perform in the North Island.  Mel is stage managing 21 shows, 12 high-schools.  Also going to US to launch larger.  Jono Scarlet is over there in the industry; he will help.
  • Capital Care – Dr Sam.  “Cos you never come to our AGM, I’m going to do the whole thing.”  Sue Gill has come on-board as counsellor.  She gets the “heart-sink” patients.  Nin has left for greener pastures in Oz.  Getting a new doctor next Wednesday.  From Salvation Army.  Need another doctor and new nurse too.  Charlene and Marlene are double-teaming patients.  Going on an art course in Spain for 3 weeks next year.


20:32: Partners Acknowledgement (Jeannie)

  • Thanks for sticking in there
  • Acknowledge Kate and Jamie taking over the worship without skipping a beat.
  • The health of the church is great
  • Brendon and Kevin pray at the church early on a Monday.


20:35: Correspondence (Rob)

  • From Bible Society to Elim re: Kim’s contribution of A/V which resulted in 250,000 bibles distributed in China.  Most successful promotion they’ve had in their history.  Thanks for the huge influence of Matt and Kim on the church.


20:37: Wrap Up and Benediction (Mike)


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