Re: the smacking bill

From: mike mckee
Sent: Friday, May 04, 2007 8:58 AM
To: Dave
Cc: Matt; Bob; Craig; David; James; Greg
Subject: mckee – Re: the smacking bill

Dear Dave
I sent this email to John Key this morning after reading the maxim sum up.
Have a great day

Dear John
I called your amendment a pig in the poke yesterday because it took away the legal protection and decision from parents over corrective behaviour of their children. ie you banned smacking.

Worse than that you have now legally devolved more power to a state organ over individuals and therefore families.

the conclusion of the above link says "Despite some of the claims made for the consensus amendment, it is apparent that it has not really changed anything. Crucially, the Bill continues to say that parents who use mild correction, such as a light smack, are acting outside the law. The amendment’s attempt to avoid the full consequences of this provision by relying on Police discretion creates more problems than it solves."

This was never about religion in my mind even though it was painted as such by the proponents of the repeal, but it was about democracy and the State usurping Individual rights.

We are left to wonder just what does 80% actually mean to you with regard to democracy?  My fear that we have in you another Helen Clark, happy to ride roughshod over 80% of the electorate if it suits you. Don’t look to me for your party vote if that is the case.

Lets not forget that the agreement you signed does not protect the actual ongoing victims of savage beatings whom you haven’t acknowledged.

Down with Helengrad



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