CIR UPdate no 8

Right on!  Way to go Larry.  Watched the whole thing and you were great.

I responded to Mark Sainsbury, but my letter wasn’t read out.

I had written:

“If Sue Bradford believes the heat will be removed after this bill becomes law, she is mistaken for this reason: the first time CYPFS removes a child from a good home because a loving smack was administered, then the 85% of NZers will be up in arms.”


From: Larry Baldock []
Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2007 2:35 PM
To: CIRPetition
Subject: CIR UPdate no 8


Hi Everyone

I hope you receive this in time to watch Close Up onTV One tonight at 7pm. Simon Barnett and I will be debating Sue Bradford and Tariana Turia.


I was appalled to watch the Childrens Commissioner Dr Cindy Chiro, get so dirty in her attacks on Dr Larzelere on TV 3 last night. Stooping to try and discredit your opponent simply because he has religious faith just reveals that the supporters of this crazy bill cannot debate on the facts, evidence or research.

They continue to push the lie that smacking has been illegal in New Zealand for 120 years.  When those tasked with making our laws demonstrate that they do not understand them, it is very concerning.

For example when former school teacher, David Benson-Pope, the Minister of Social Development makes the same claim, is he admitting that when he caned pupils when he was a teacher, that he was breaking the law? Of course not! He was within the law so long as the force he used was reasonable. If he had used the cane to hit a pupil about the head, or so repeatedly that he caused real injury, he would of course been guilty of assault.


The Maori party are now becoming experts at spin as well as they attempt to claim that the Marae Poll recording 80% of Maori are opposing the Bill, has it all wrong.

If Tariana hopes that by supporting Sue Bradford’s bill, she might see Maori communities return to Pre-European utopia, then she had better wake up and realise that in the 21st century there exists an organisation called CYFS.

In removing parents right to use reasonable force in correction, the Maori Party will be simply creating a rod for the backs of many Maori families who will not be able to overnight change their parenting style. As a result, I fear, many will fall into the hands of some ideologically driven zealous CYFS social workers who will have even more power than they have now.


If the strategy behind Bradford’s bill is to improve the parenting culture in this country, you have to ask why none of the Bills supporters are suggesting or calling for a multi million dollar funded parenting education program.

This might have a chance of success in 3-5 years and should be undertaken before the law is changed as was the case in Australia before their more moderate bill passed into law.

Without such education programs, the Governor General, with the stroke of his pen, will be criminalising good parents, both Maori and Non-Maori, and consigning many other families who need help not a new law, to endless battles with CYFS and the Family Court over their right to raise their children.



Running Total Update

As of April 30th 165,059.


Our goal must be to be well over 200,000 by the end of May and ready to complete the 300,000 when the bill has its final reading on June 13th. Of course the sooner we finish our task the better. I know some of you have collected 2000 already, while some have done what you could and collected 20 or 30.


Here is a challenge.

Could everyone please think and plan about how you could collect at least another 100 each this month.

The bill will be debated tomorrow May 2nd and most likely again on May 16th when it will possibly complete its committee stage.  That means there will be plenty of media attention on the bill again which gives us a boost in collecting signatures.

People are still very keen to sign, but they need the petition put in front of them.

It would be nice if they would seek it out themselves but most of the time it doesn’t work that way.

We are doing our best to circulate the petition form by email so all someone has to do is print it out, sign it, and post it in. That strategy will produce results, but by far the most effective is the work done by all of you as you approach people and give them an opportunity to sign right where they are. 



Some stories and articles

Several ladies here in Tauranga have been faithfully sitting outside the Greerton post shop for weeks. I had thought they would have begun to run out of new people to sign but the queues continue. I think some now know, or have heard that this is where they can sign, and so they drive up, park, sign and drive away, “as happy as Larry!”



Some of your comments

Today Janice and I got a spot outside Ballintynes in Broadway and sat from 9am until 3pm, we collected at least 170 signatures.

If we had had more clip boards we could have got a lot more.

One very moving thing took place, one very paralized man in a wheel chair heard us talking and hung around for ages. I suddenly realized he wanted to sign and asked him, and with his twisted body he managed, it took dear Janice a very long time and a lot of patience to get it.

It made us miss a lot of signatures but he had a right and God bless him.


We gave an 85 year old man in an old people’s home three sheets to collect signatures. He went around the old people’s home where they all knew him and filled the three sheets – another 30 signatures from one old people’s home in Palmerston North


Some ideas

Are there any events coming up I your area? Home show, boat show, AMP etc. One major event we must be well organised for is the Mystery Creek week farming show in June. Anyone with contact with the organisers of that event please get in touch with me.


Some reminders

Keep using the same forms please. We have noticed that some have altered them into 20 columns or have photocopied front and back. Any alterations can be ruled out and disallowed by the Clerk so please keep to the originals.


Some plans

I have received requests about putting the petition in the Newspapers again, particularly some of the local community papers. All advertisements have to have “authorised by Larry Baldock P.O. Box 9228 Greerton Tauranga” printed on the page and must therefore have my approval, as all such costs must come within the budget limit set by the Act. Please contact me therefore if you have any plans to do this. We can then co-ordinate and maximise the opportunity as well.

There has been a call put out for people to wear red tomorrow to show their opposition to the Bill. I am not sure if there has been enough time to get the word around to make it affective but I will let you know about it.

Mothers Day could be a good day for some action. May Day! May Day! Motherhood under attack by Sue Bradford’s Bill.


Travel plans

Hamilton Tuesday 1st Celebrating Age Centre 30 Victoria 7.30pm

Hastings Wednesday 2nd Elim Church Cnr Miller St,  7.30pm

Napier Thursday 3rd New Life Church 96 Meeanee Rd,  7.30pm

Gisborne Sunday 6th and Monday 7th TBA.






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