Marches and debate

From: Larry Baldock []
Sent: Thursday, 29 March 2007 2:29 p.m.
To: CIRPetition
Subject: Marches and debate

Hi everyone,

What a fantastic debate last night with some excellent speeches from our side. Most of those supporting the bill were contradicting themselves and appealing to emotion.

The announcement of a review after two years shows the Govt is not so confident that things won’t go horrible wrong as we have been saying. Putting the review in the hands of CYFS  and DWSD is like asking a fox to report on whether there have been any chickens stolen from the hen house!

If the law is passed we will have to look at setting up our own 0800 help line to receive complaints that we can carefully record so we can try and help those being affected. More about that later.

The link below is to a couple of speeches from the Wellington March.

What I saw of the Christchurch march on TV was great and Simon Barnett’s interviews was superb. What a great spokesmen he is for the cause.

After the debate last night we now know that it will be at least May 16th before the bill could have its final vote if it continues on its normal course. However if the PM makes it a Government Bill as being rumoured on the news, it could pass next week. This has been a constant changing scenario.

More update on signature numbers at the end of the week!

Warm regards

Larry Baldock


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