brief message

From: Larry Baldock []
Sent: Sunday, 1 April 2007 6:45 p.m.
To: Larry Baldock
Subject: brief message

Hi, this is going to very brief just to let those in the Fielding area know about the planned rally at noon at the clock tower tomorrow. Mrs Dianne Woodward who is organising the march will be joining Christine Rankin and Simon Barnett in a debate on Campbell Live TV 3 tomorrow night, so there will be media interest in the event in Fielding.

Secondly can I urge you to think about opportunities this Easter.(if you do not have major holiday plans with your family of course.) There will be huge crowds at the Easter show in Auckland and the Jazz festival in Tauranga. There may be other events I am unaware of so let me know if you want to alert others to opportunities. We need volunteers to act as coordinators for these events so let me know if you are available.

We are obviously waiting to see whether the Government is going to proceed with the bill this week. I will hold off until we know for certain before sending an update.

We have had good responses from the newspaper adds. On Monday the petition will be in the Petone Herald going to 50,000 households.

If anyone is keen to put the page in their local free paper let me know.

We broke through 100,000 signatures this weekend.

1st week 13,000
2nd week 17,000
3rd week 25,000
4th week 45,000

If the momentum keeps up this week we will be close to half way!

Keep up the great work.




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