Pheonix Society Meeting

Just attended (on Wednesday 14 Feb) my first Pheonix Society monthly meeting.
I’ve been a (silent) member of this Science Fiction club for about a year now.  I figured it was about time I made my presence known.
I got inspired enough by being around other similarly enthusiastic individuals, that I promptly went home and wrote my wife a love poem.  "What does a love poem have to do with SciFi?" I hear you ask.  So glad you did, let me explain.
They have nothing in common, except:
  • they both took place on St. Valentine’s Day;
  • (by mutual agreement) I hadn’t gotten any flowers or other gift;
  • it costs nothing but my time (and was very well received); and
  • it is practice for writing lengthier tomes.

Heard all about Conspiracy II, the next Sci Fi convention to take place in Wellington on Queen’s Birthday weekend (1-4 June 2007).  Looks interesting, if somewhat demonically inspired.

Heard about an interesting turn of phrase, "Speculative Fiction" which is a new term to describe what it is that we enjoy.  I feel it is a much more accurate term than "Science Fiction" because these days, there’s very little science to do with our genre.  I mean, get real, demons and ghosts or life on other planets or time travel or "what if" scenarios are great dramatic devices, but not particularly scientific.  Neither, for that matter is Evolution, but that’s material for another rant another day.

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