Middle East Strategic Update – Part 1

I’m at the Michael Fowler centre (Sunday 4 Mar @ 1:52pm), listening to William Koenig talking from his book "Eye to Eye"
(part of Dr Chuck Missler NZ Tour)
Koenig’s International News
"Israel the Key to World Peace"
  • In the last two weeks, nearly every major world leader has made this statement.
  • They are right, but for the wrong reason.
  • Genesis 12: 1-3 (the Abrahamic blessing).  God will bless those that bless Israel.
  • Genesis 15:8,18.  This land is Israel’s forever.  (The current Israel is only 25% of that which God promised.)
  • Genesis 17:8 "an everlasting possession"

Replacement Teology

  • 3rd century theologians taught that the Bible’s prophetic scriptures were allegorical and not literal
  • They taught that the Church was the new Israel
  • The doctrinal error influenced King, and other Reformists
  • This error has lead to 18 centuries of Jewish prsecurtion, anti-Semitism and the death of millions of jews under th ename of Christianity
  • Today 100 million American church attnedees have no understanind of Bible prophec

This Error Lead to

  • Crusades 11 and 12 century
  • Spanish Inquisition 15th century
  • Holocaust of the 20th century


  • These deceived churches are pressuring world leaders to accept a divided Israel.

American Presidents

  • Woodrow Wilson – favored israel’s statehood
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt – Gave king Saud a letter on Israel – FDR dies one week later
  • Harry Truman – Helped israel become a nation
  • John f. Kennedty – Pressured israel on Nuclear Plan- Assassinated
  • Lyndon Johnson – A great friend of Israel, armed them militarily

The Six Day War

  • June 5-10, 1967
  • Peace Process Begins in Israel
  • UN Resolution 242, November 22, 1967
  • The UN Security Council aclled on Israel to return the land they obtained in the Six-Day War

American Presidents

  • Richard Nison – Watergate
  • Gerald Ford – Started process
  • Jimmy Carter – Gas Prices, Interest Rates, Iran Hostage
  • Ronald Regan – Iran Contra
  • George WH Bush – Perot
  • Bill Clinton – Scandals
  • George W Bush – War on Terror – Iraq

Bush, Clinton and Bush

  • 57 major catastrophes and/or Political crises
  • October 1991 to October 2005
  • All happen within 24 hours of any US initiative to force Israel to divide for peace.
  • The Top Ten Catastrophic Losses Involving Insured Property
  • The Twelve Costliest Hurricanes in US History
  • At exactly the same time that Bush (I) was at the Madrid Peace Conference urging Israel to return the land they won at the Six Day War, 30 foot waves were washing over his personal home ("the Perfect Storm").
  • For 17 days prior to Sep 11, 2001, Bush was working with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah on the borders of Israel’s land and a future Palestinian state.  The terror events stop the plans introduction to the UN.
  • June 24, 2002 President Bush made a personal commitment to "Israel and Palestine – living side by side in peace and security"

Quartet Peace Plan, April 30, 2003

  • UN, US, Russia, EU
  • Dividing up Israel.
  • May 2003 Record Tornado Outbreak

  Israel’s Disengagement Evictions Completed Aug 23, 2005

  • Authorities used force at times on Tuesday, Aug 23, to clear the two remaining settlements
  • Bush Applauds Sharon (23 Aug)
  • Katrina Develops.




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