Just met: Colin Candy; Tim the Usher from Elim; Squadron Leader Aaron…; Cathy Beavon; Rhys the cafe man from Elim;
Just got William Koenig to sign his book "Eye to Eye" for me.
Just got Dr Chuck Missler to sign his DVD "What is Truth?" for me.
Recap of the first session @ 10:30am which I attended but didn’t blog at the time.
Why Take the Bible Seriously?
  • An enlightening session
  • talked about spacetime domain (we live in more than 3 dimensions, at least 4, potentially 10)
  • The scriptures have a mathematical hidden charactor to it.

Some Examples:

  • The TORH points to YHWH
  • First 4 x 49th letter of Genesis and Exodus = TORH
  • First 4 x 49th letter of Numbers and Deutoronomhy = HROT
  • First 4 x 7th letter of Leviticus = YHWH

Examine our boundaries:

  • We live in a finite universe (astrophysics)
  • With finite particles (quantum mechanics)
  • Pi is in Genesis 1:1 (the ratio of words and letters)
  • e is in John 1:1
  • Two universal constant that never change
  • Unlike c (which is declining = 3rd law of thermodynamics)

Hidden Codes in the Bible

  • Proves the authorship of God
  • Not to be chased after

He challenged us on our response to this knowledge:

  • Get into a purposeful, life-long study of the scriptures
  • Join a small bible-study group


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