[dotnet] ASP.net webform Designer

I’m saving this email because it has a good couple of links for me to look up at some stage for CSS development.

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Basic run down:

Good old wikipedia:

Good book:

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On 12/6/06, mike.oleary@ncssuite.com <mike.oleary@ncssuite.com> wrote:

Hi Guys,

I am finding moving to asp.net apps and laying out webforms is an absolute pain in the $#$!@#$!.  I’m new to the asp.net side of .net and am constantly frustrated with the issues associated with simply lining things up on the web forms etc.  My general approach is to use html tables and then place the various areas I want to line up in the relevant cells – is this the right approach or do the ‘gurus’ do it another way – I know this much …..the tables are driving me nuts also. (e.g. the other night I spent 5 hours doing layouts and 5 minutes writing the code I wanted to get done…the code isn’t a problem but getting the various controls/images etc on forms lining up is killing my time schedule).

Any suggestions on laying out the forms nicely would be gratefully accepted.

Also do people generally use the design view or source view?  I’ve been using the design view (as you do with winforms) but I’m starting to wonder if thats part of the problem.




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