Developing for SQL Server 2005

Developing for SQL Server 2005

Development under SQL Server 2005 is easier than ever and there are lots of new capabilities to assist you. In this session we will cover the new enhancements in T-SQL and SQLCLR that make it much easier to develop rich data driven applications. And looking forward to the near future we have ADO.NET Entities on the way. We will close by looking at what Entities brings to the table and how it might change the way in which you look at developing your applications.


Jeremy Boyd

Jeremy is a senior technical architect working at Intergen in Wellington. Jeremy’s career developing with Microsoft technologies includes 8 years commercial experience delivering solutions for clients across all sectors. He is responsible for guiding the architectural and technical innovation that occurs within Intergen, and has developed a culture of research, innovation and mentoring.

Jeremy currently holds the honorary position of Microsoft Regional Director for New Zealand ( and has been actively involved with the wider Wellington development community for the past 4 years.


Sun. 1030am

Here’s a joke from last night’s Camp Fire Dinner conversation:  Jeremy was voted "Most likely to be hired as Riff Raff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show."

His presentation may be a drone, but his content and knowledge of the subject is such that mostly you don’t mind because you’re getting answers to those important questions you never knew you had. 


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